KPI on Maidan: captured moments of history

May 13 photo exibition "Maidans and the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. 2004 - 2014 " has been opened in the lobby of the housing №7 of NTUU "KPI".

More than a hundred photographs presented at the exhibition. This is a chronicle of the events of our contemporary history. It is made by means of modern photography. It is known that in the fall of 2004 and winter of 2013 - 2014 students and staff KPI were among the most active participants in the events of Kyiv, who now received generic name "Maidan". Therefore on the photographs, taken not only by polytechnics, but also by professional photographers from different countries, we can see yesterday's and today's university students, professors and employees of their departments on the protests in the critical moments of confrontation, while relaxing by the tents, in moments of anger, sadness and victory joy. Barricades and dilapidated black walls of the House of Trade Unions, the smoke over the Kiev streets and burning tires are displayed also on the pictures. In short, all the things that excited and continues to excite indifferent to the fate of the people of his homeland.That is why not only students, faculty and staff of the University, for which Maidan became part of their lives forever, but many guests came on the opening of the exibition.

The exhibition was opened by Vice-Rector of the University educational work  Petro Kyrychok.
He stressed that its implementation - an important event in the life of  the KPI and at the same time a reminder of the days of the struggle for freedom and a better future for our state.

First Vice-Rector of NTUU "KPI" NASU academician Yuri Yakimenko said at the opening ceremony: "Here there are actually  two generations. Current students and teachers can see in the pictures themselves. A previous generation of students in the photograph in 2004 -this is a history. Our students have never been indifferent in such situations. "

Author of the widely-known poem "Never we will be brothers' current graduate of the Institute of Physics and Technology of the University Anastasia Dzmitruk read her new work, which begins with the words" I beg God to give us peace. "

The opening ceremony was finished by  the songs about Ukraine performed by students of Publishing and Printing Institute NTUU "KPI".