Opening of the center NTUU"KPI" – HAAS

May 26, 2011 at the Department of Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering Institute was opened Educational and Training Centre "KPI" - HAAS. The center was created by joint efforts subsidiary Abplanalp Ukraine and our university, which is a unique example of understanding the need for cooperation between industry and higher education in the field of training modern specialists engineering complex of Ukraine.

The rector MZ Zgurovsky, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine V.O.Nemylostyvyy, CEO Abplanalp Ukraine M.V.Skrypnyk, CEO Peter HAAS Europe Zeyerhut, Sales Director Europe Alain HAAS Reynvud, vice president of Abplanalp Consulting Europe Wojtek Ratynskyy, representatives of 18 companies Ukraine participated in the opening ceremony. Also at the opening of the Center were Director of MMI M.I.Bobyr, graduating department heads MMI, teachers and students.

The center is equipped with modern equipment, machining centers, CNC boring, milling and turning VF3 ST20. Here our students can master the modern technology machinery, consolidating theoretical knowledge with application CAD / CAM systems (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing), received at lectures, practical work on modern metal-working equipment with numerical control. Equipment Center allows students to learn practical skills of design and technological preparation of production from creating drawing details, check on compliance with the terms of the node or mechanism on strength development of electronic models (3D-solid or surface) to its exports to the CAM system where selection is done all necessary for the implementation of manufacturing process parameters and automatically creates a program for managing the corresponding CNC machines. Established program is verified on the simulator CAM system 3D-image with verification of all processing conditions.

Next, the program is transferred to the post CNC machine, where after securing the workpiece and automatic identification of its provisions fully automatic processing is performed. Treatment VF3 on the machine can be performed in one operation 20 mA instruments, and the machine ST20 - 12 th tools with automatic tool changer that handles. So, performed the complete cycle from design to manufacturing to the principles of so-called "paperless" technology.

During the opening of the center was held demonstration of all equipment with manufacturing specific details. Explanation was given by present Head of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering Yu.V.Petrakov. He noted that the facilities are students of the department, which in addition to computers equipped with CAD / CAM systems, used as counters Simulation CNC CNC machine tools company HAAS.

First, the students developed a 3D-model details, they completed the whole cycle of technological preparation of production, control programs designed for machine tools and manufactured parts. Professor Yu.V.Petrakov noted that students of the department who completed a full cycle of training at the center, after the preparation of appropriate tests will be able to get a certificate of the firm HAAS, which certainly will increase their ranking on the labor market of Ukraine.

After the demonstration of machining centers Rector addressed the audience of "KPI" MZ Zgurovsky. He thanked the Director General Abplanalp Ukraine M.V.Skrypnyku the great work on the creation of the Centre to ensure its appropriate modern facilities. Such HiTec centers in higher technical school, he said, needed to improve the quality of education, training highly qualified engineers who possess modern information technologies in mechanical engineering. He addressed the audience of businessmen in the hope that they now engage in their production of our graduates who are ready for serious intellectual work. Here, he said, our scientists, graduate students and masters will be able to carry out research on new methods of management metalworking equipment, bring them to industrial implementation.

Present at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine V. Unmerciful noted the role of the centers for the development of engineering complex of Ukraine. In the Centre, he said, performed an extremely important task - providing engineering companies in accordance trained personnel who are able to use modern equipment of famous companies, including American company HAAS.

Executive Director HAAS in Europe Mr. Peter Zeyerhut and Sales Director Europe HAAS Mr. Alan Reynvud presented the rector MZ Zgurovsky memorable diploma HAAS company with the opening of the Center. They recalled that the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" is one of the largest in Europe and the largest in Ukraine, because the program support schools, Center was established here. Haas Automation Inc. - One of the largest machine-tool factories in the world, produces full range of vertical, horizontal 5-axial CNC machines, machines for making molds, globe CNC rotary tables and more. The program of production machines - 1200 per month. Management understands that effective use of their products is only possible with the support of highly qualified engineering staff and hopes for successful work Educational Training Centre at NTU "KPI".

Then began the conference dedicated to the presentation of the Centre, which acted Vice President Mr. Abplanalp Consulting Europe V.Ratynskyy and managers subsidiary of Swiss company "Abplanalp Engineering AG".

Mr. V.Ratynskyy drew attention to the success of Haas Automation in Ukraine, which provided optimal ratio "price - quality". Director General Mr. M.V.Skrypnyk noted that the company is the exclusive representative of Haas Automation in Ukraine and in recent years the company has provided engineering industry more than 600 CNC machines we different layout. Abplanalp Ukraine believes National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" perfect place to showcase new technological solutions in mechanical engineering, in fact, according to the philosophy of "presenting turnkey solutions" in the Center of the enterprise will be able to find future professionals for their production. He expressed confidence that through the unique industrial-educational cooperation with Abplanalp Ukraine and Haas Automation, "KPI" will provide the most advanced and promising technical education.

After the conference there was a demonstration of all possibilities of machine tools for the production of parts of complex shape, where representatives of businesses had an opportunity to verify their effectiveness.

According to the Department of Manufacturing Engineering MMI