The Story of Success #2. Procter&Gamble

The project, the Story of Success, gives practical information, striking tips, and lifehacks on how to build a successful career when you have just finished Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Today, young and successful employees of Procter&Gamble will tell their stories:

Congratulations on the Beginning of New Academic Year

Dear staff and students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute! Let me congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, the 123rd anniversary of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and a new academic year.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Opens a New Dormitory

On August 20, a new dormitory of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was opened.

The modern dormitory is ready to house at least 500 students and University staff. It has rooms for three people and family rooms. Each unit has a kitchen and one or two bathrooms.

Live Broadcast of Sikorsky Challenge 2021 Final

The last day of the festival Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World starts at 9:30. Participants from the sections Agricultural Engineering, Information Technology, Digital Country, and Cyber ​​Security will present their projects.