Work during quarantine: how Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute protect workers

During the quarantine period, the university bought 3,500 masks, 150 litres of sanitisers, and 780 pairs of the disposable glove. This made it possible to provide means of protection for employees of economic units, security department, Student nutrition centre, Motor transport enterprise, Centre for Physical Education and Sports, campus, etc.

The units, that require protection, submit an official note agreed with the Department of Economics and Finance, and the purchase department buy all necessary goods as soon as possible.

According to the submitted official notes, the university is buying 3910 masks, 113 litres of sanitisers, and 1000 pairs of the disposable glove.

The university also receives assistance from its partners. "Progrestech-Ukraine" provided 600 students, who stay in the hall of residence with disinfectants. Special Design Bureau "Storm" donated to the University 60 litres of disinfectant: 30 litres for hands and 30 litres for cleaning.