Our scientists are winners! Small academy of sciences: study, invent, win! During the month, Ukrainian scientists won 26 awards at international competitions

The second month of spring is not over yet, and the first was generous with medals for young Ukrainian scientists: at international intellectual competitions they won 26 of them, 11 of which were gold. Such successes are the result of the participation of our talented young scientists in two competitions - the International Exhibition of Innovations in Geneva and the Malaysia Technology Expo 2021 (MTE). Due to the coronavirus pandemic, both competitions took place online.

Glasses will gain... points

Gold and silver were won by Ukrainians at the International Exhibition of Innovations in Geneva. The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is one of the most important annual events in the world of science. The competition is sponsored by the Swiss Federal Government, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the International Federation of Associations of Inventors. More than 45 countries take part in the exhibition, the participants present about a thousand inventions and innovations ready for implementation. The exhibition is attended by apr. 30,000 guests. There are many businessmen among them, so it is a good opportunity for inventors to find partners and sponsors.

The participation of Ukrainian inventors in the International Exhibition of Innovations was organized by the Small Academy of Sciences. "Ukraine took part in this competition for the first time and immediately such impressive results! - says the director of the Small Academy of Sciences Oksen Lisovyi. - Our youth has great potential, and the Small Academy of Sciences sees it as its responsibility to unleash that potential, invest in it, and tell the world about the inventions and research of our schoolchildren and students."

Serhiy Lysin, a student of the Polytechnic Lyceum a and a student of the University of Twente (Netherlands) won the gold medal in the Health section with the Nutis project. These are smart glasses that will count the caloric content of any dish in a matter of seconds. They work in tandem with the mobile application. Just put on your glasses and look at the dish: the image will be captured and sent to the server, where the calories will be counted, and the information will appear on the smartphone screen. "The user can control their daily diet: each meal will be counted, and at the end of the day the application will set a" bill "of calories consumed per day," explains Sergiy.

Nutis also has a built-in tracker that tracks walking, running, training. In this way, it counts not only calories consumed, but also expended. Serhiy says that the user can provide access to his application to the coach so that he can remotely control him or her. Thanks to this feature, Nutis became especially popular during the lockdown. "During the quarantine period, it is difficult for trainers and nutritionists to control their clients. This is where smart glasses come in handy to help a person keep track of their diet. According to statistics, only 10% of people after the first month continue to follow a diet - Nutis stimulates them, "- says the inventor.

Smart glasses will also count the amount of water drunk After all, controlling the water balance in the body is also important for health. Serhiy made it possible to control the system by voice.

Silver went to Stanislav Skorobogatov, a student at Kyiv Polytechnic. In the "Mechanics" section, he presented his project on the use of Peltier elements for the recovery of electricity in a hybrid car. This know-how helps to save fuel and get extra energy on a single charge of the hybrid.

Each project is a medal!

22 medals were won by young scientists at the Malaysia Technology Expo 2021 (MTE). The competition is based on the idea of creating a scientific and progressive society, which is not only a consumer of technology, but also contributes to scientific and technological civilization. Participants presented projects in 18 scientific sections, including mechanisms, equipment and tools; production process and advanced materials; telecommunications, infrastructure and broadcasting; ICT; consumer electronics; aviation and transport, etc. This year's competition is dedicated to fighting the effects of the pandemic. Ukraine was represented by 23 participants with 22 projects. As a result, they received 10 gold, 11 silver, 1 bronze medal and 2 special awards.

For example, a student of Lviv Polytechnic Oleksandr Borylo received gold and a special award for the project "Method of effective dissipation of industrial emissions": with the help of special types of pendulums you can reduce the noise of factories and reduce the cost of production. Another gold and a special award went to Pavlo Turchynyak, a student of the Lviv Physical and Mathematical Lyceum-Boarding School. His project - "Crystal-morphology and physical properties of alum-potassium and chromium-potassium alunites". The scientist grew 223 crystals in the laboratory and conducted a number of studies on them.

Oleksandra Balytska, a student of Poltava Gymnasium №33, won a gold medal for the development of the mobile application "Map of Plants-Allergens". Using this application will save people prone to allergies. Sofiia Ivanova, a student at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, won gold for the fast heating system of a car engine's gas reducer, which will help to save fuel and save nature from harmful emissions. Volodymyr Karan, a student of Kyiv Polytechnic, won gold for the development of infrared camouflage, which makes a person invisible for thermographic cameras.

Among the gold medallists - a program for encoding and decoding hidden text messages; training program for finding the roots of polynomials on a complex plane; sports timing system; computer vision for access to a personal computer; wind generator based on a segner wheel.

The Harmix bot combines music and video

Nazar Ponochevny, a student at the Small Academy of Sciences, a participant in the Start-up World Cup program, inventor and author of the Harmix bot, won the competition from the Ukrainian Startup Fund and received a prize of $ 25,000. 13 projects competed for the award.

Harmix is an artificial intelligence service that can combine music and video. It only takes a minute and a half to find the suited music for your video. Harmix has as many as 5,000 melodies in its arsenal.

"I developed the bot as an assistant for bloggers, film editors, composers - everyone who works with video and music. Usually, a person can spend up to several hours to find the right melody for a video or vice versa. Harmix will offer a selection of the five most suitable melodies in a matter of minutes,” explains the inventor.

The bot consists of 200 million artificial neurons and has many subsystems, each of which is responsible for its own task: searches for an object, analyses a genre, etc. The service creates a “guarantee” product: just send the video to the bot, it will analyse the dynamics, size of the object, colour, lighting, actions in the frame and other parameters. In a few minutes Harmix will return the finished video.

Nazar "taught" his bot by watching hundreds of videos and films. He found and understood the patterns of how to properly combine music and video. You can set all the necessary parameters and criteria for bot that need to be considered in the work. Nazar came up with Harmix three years ago. There is now a powerful computer version for professionals and a mobile application for ordinary users.

"There is no need to fear that Harmix will leave composers or bloggers without bread. Vice versa: it will take over the routine part of their work and give them more time and opportunities for creativity, ” says Nazar.

With his bot, Nazar has traveled to many countries and won several awards at international competitions. He also promotes developments in Ukraine. That is why Nazar took part in the competition from the Ukrainian Start-up Fund as a resident of UF Incubator - - the state business incubator of the Small Academy of Sciences, which helps inventors to implement projects and find investors.

Nazar will use the $ 25,000 cash prize to develop his project. The inventor has a team of five assistants with whom he takes Harmix on a big voyage. The creative bot is already used by almost 5,000 people, who have uploaded more than 10,000 videos to the chat.

head of the communication office of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine