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Polytechnic Lyceum

Polytechnic Lyceum

Director: Yuri Kyrychkov

Address: 03056, Kyiv -56 ,

Phone : (044 ) 204-94-72

Proforientation experience for technical specialities

Школярі на днях відкритих дверей в КПІ

A year ago, my son went to the 11th grade of the Polytechnic Lyceum of the National Technical University “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

The students of Polytechnic Lyceum “NTUU Igor Sikorsky KPI” – at the Super Final Competition "Intel-Techno Ukraine"

2016.10.14 Суперфінал конкурсу "Intel-Техно Україна"

It is a prestigious and fashionable to be a scientist in our time. This opinion was expressed Polytechnic Lyceum “NTUU Igor Sikorsky KPI” - the institution, which activates and supports the research activities of their students, promotes their abilities.

Congratulations on the jubilee of Kyrychkov Vasyl Mykytovych!

Киричков Василь Микитович

Administration and scientific and technical staff of Polytechnic lyceum of NTUU “KPI” of Kyiv city sincerely congratulates devoted professor, idea man, the founder of Polytechnic lyceum and Scientific and academic complex “New education”, the father of our large community – Kyrychkov Vasyl Mykytovych on His 75 anniversary!

Working together on a project

2015.02.17 Заняття на тему «Основи термографії: температура, тепло, теплофізика»

In frames of the cooperation Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" with the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management NTUU "KPI" on the implementation of the project DTEK "Energy Efficient Schools" February 17, 2015 for students of the grades 9-11 participating in the project, Ph.D., Assistant pro

Tour Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU"KPI" in the University Scientific and Technical Centre "Ecological and energy-saving technologies (STC "ECOTES")"

2015.02.10 Екскурсія ліцеїстів до Навчально-наукового центру «ЕКОТЕЗ»

Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" continued to expand the project DTEK "Energy-efficient schools" through cooperation with FHPE NTUU "KPI".

A ceremonial launch of the project "Energy-efficient schools" was held at the Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU “KPI”

2014.12.18 урочистий запуск проекту «Енергоефективні школи»

In recent decades, the interest in energy issues, its future has increased dramatically. Humanity needs to know exactly at what period it will be enough fossil fuels, how it will be possible to get energy in the future.

Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI"

Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" logo

Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" was created in 1991 on the initiative of the Rector at the Faculty of preparatory school. Training began with grade 9, and the first recruitment was 60 children. Today the Lyceum has 650 pupils.

NTUU "KPI" academic building #7

Кампус КПІ. 7 корпус університету

Address of NTUU "KPI" AB # 7: pr. Peremogy, 37 hp (oldd address: pr. Peremogy, 37)
General project organization "KyyivZNDIEP." Construction of 1975-1985's.

Academic building #18

Кампус КПІ. 18 корпус НТУУ "КПІ"

Address of AB #18: 03056, Kyiv-56, Politekhnichna street, 41.


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