Ukrainian innovations in the international aspect

The Sikorsky Challenge environment is expanding every year not only nationally but also globally. Today, the competition is supported by 28 regular investors and sponsors from six countries, including the United States, China, Israel, Poland and Azerbaijan. Sikorsky challenge employs 10 venture funds, 5 commercial banks and 7 industrial enterprises that are interested in prototyping start-ups and new series. During the regular discussion panel of the IX Festival of Innovative Projects, participants from partner countries and representatives of the international jury spoke about the development of innovations during the inevitable global changes. 

Igor Peyer - co-founder of the innovation ecosystem Sikorsky Challenge (Israel) - said that new technologies will be the salvation in this difficult period:

"The problems that humanity face today are still to be experienced , and will only be solved through innovation. Innovation is a significant basis not only for our survival today, but also for a successful tomorrow. After all, there must be a rise after every crisis, and in order for this rise to take place, it is necessary to create a stable innovative foundation for it. Together with Sikorsky Challenge, we work quite closely and productively and outline our methodology for training start-ups and training for innovative development."

Global pandemics are also making adjustments to investment priorities. Virtual platforms are in increasing demand, which is why IT start-ups are the most profitable investments, said the representative of the Chinese company Golden Egg Technology Co., Ltd. Chang Shi Chao: 

"The world's economy is changing radically nowadays, and therefore, the requirements of investors, investment methods and project selection criteria are changing. This year, humanity has faced the challenge of COVID-19, given that we can say that the world economy will develop in other directions. Because of that, investors will evaluate start-ups according to other criteria. In my opinion, more attention will be paid to those projects that will require less investment and those that are not tied to the office, but have sufficient mobility. E-commerce projects, such as online stores and services, and anything that can work in cyberspace, will continue to be relevant. It is in this IT area that Ukraine has great advantages, because it is rich in talented young people who lack neither knowledge nor imagination. "

Rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry Mustafa Babanli also took part in the on-line meeting. Given the recent events in his country, Mr. Mustafa drew special attention to the importance of using modern technologies in the defence industry. After all, only a modern army is able to protect state borders: 

“I am the graduate of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and i am very proud of it. I want tot thank the whole Ukrainian people for support. And I want to emphasize that we won this war thanks to innovative technologies. We waged the war of the 21st century using new powerful technologies and new approaches. And this proves once again how important it is today to teach innovative technologies to the younger generation . We have been cooperating with Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute since 2015 and participating in the Sikorsky Challenge, and I had the opportunity to personally thank Michael Zgurovsky - Rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute for support and knowledge, that university gives us.” 

In conclusion, the Rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Michael Zgurovsky summarized the main aspects of the meeting:

“Our partners from the USA, Australia, China, Azerbaijan and Poland exchanged experience in the development of innovative entrepreneurship in their countries and ways to promote start-ups in the markets. This experience is extremely important for us. We implement certain developments and methodologies offered to us by the international community, which are already experienced, recognized innovators both in their countries and in the world in general. We hope that our innovation ecosystem and our innovation economy will develop quite rapidly. “