Olexandra Kramar improves chemical engineering devices

We can safely say that humanity is evolving through engineering fantasies. Our distant ancestor took a stone in his hands and turned it into a tool. Society developed, new tools and mechanisms were created. Today, science has advanced, but the ability to predict the results of their work based on the experience of previous generations remains very important.

Today it is not just a mechanical creation of new equipment, but the ability to mathematically model the operation of new devices or upgrade existing ones. This is especially true for industrial engineering, in particular heat and mass transfer processes, on which the modern chemical industry is based. Staff training for the branch of mechanical engineering is provided at the IHF Department of Machines and Apparatus of Chemical and Oil Refinery Productions.

The scientific school of the department, which deals with heat and mass transfer processes, has existed since 1928, today it is headed by Professor Y.M. Korniienko. Teaching his special courses, the scientist encourages students to perform creative tasks: to find modern technical solutions in patents of the leading countries of the world, to offer modernization of devices and to execute its mathematical substantiation. The scientific work of the 6th-year master's student Olexandra Kramar began with such tasks. During her studies she achieved significant success in scientific and engineering training.

Currently, under the guidance of Associate Professor I.A. Andreiev, she is improving the vibroviscometer for concrete mixtures. The results of scientific work were published at 10 international and all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences and in two declaratory patents of Ukraine for a utility model. Alexandra is an active member of the student scientific workshop of the department. The result of her successful education and research was the awarding of the scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
The student takes an active part in the social and cultural life of the university, is the head of the group. Finds time for leisure, is engaged in needlework. Believes that embroidery soothes, gives a good result: not only pleases the eye, but also allows you to focus and find the best solution to the problem.

As Olexandra says: "Thanks to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, namely the teachers of the MAHNV department, who gave me deep theoretical knowledge and valuable practical skills, I will be able to achieve my goal - to become a highly qualified specialist and in the future, I hope, to achieve some career success. I will be defending my master's thesis soon, and I already miss my student years. “

A.Stepanyuk, Associate Professor of MAHNV