Festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2018": winners of competitions

On October 19 at the Center of Culture and Arts of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” the closing ceremony of the festival" Sikorsky Challenge 2018 "took place. The chairmen of the jury of the Sikorsky Challenge start-up competition and the POLYTECO Ukraine 2018-2019 contest announced the winners and, together with the investors, presented awards and gifts to the authors of the best projects.

During the seven years of the festival there has already been a certain tradition of holding such ceremonies: firstly, on the stage of the Center of Culture and Arts, winners of the start-up competition, which gave its name to the whole festival appear, then the youngest participants who won the competition for schoolchildren - this year's competition "POLYTECO Ukraine 2018-2019" appear. Together with them the representatives of foundations and companies that have decided to support the best projects from their point of view and their authors come to the stage.

So now the organizers and members of the International Expert Jury of the Startup Competition have been the first to come to the stage. This year 155 startups of projects have taken part in this competition. 55 of them competed in the finals. 33 projects were considered the winners whose authors signed memorandums with potential investors or were awarded by the International Expert Jury or partners of the innovative ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge".

The international expert jury of the start-up competition "Sikorsky Challenge" has noted such projects in the following nominations:

The best project idea

• NanoInk for 2D and 3D. Printing with nanoink.

The best solution of potential customers problems


• Possibilities of increasing productivity of the greenhouse economy due to torsional darsonvalizm.

The best technological solution

• Balancing platform with reverse biological connection for rehabilitation at the stage of prosthetics

• Detection of human breathing patterns using deep convolutional neural networks (CNN).

The best business model

• Eco-profit.

Presidential Fund of Leonid Kuchma "Ukraine" noted the following projects:

• Shot Analyzer

• Z-Scooter (electric transport)

• Car: Child Safety

• Autonomous voice assistant robot

• Improvement of the design of the solar cell to increase its efficiency

• Recycling plastic waste using solar energy

• Recycling grinding sludge

• Emergency sealing system

• Heat-resistant paint

• Utilization of tires by cryoacoustic method.

The Golden Egg Technology Company has noted the following projects:

• Eco-profit

• UATAG (Unique Authentication Tag) - anti-counterfeiting technology

• Balancing platform with reverse biological connection for rehabilitation at the stage of prosthetics

• Restoration of soil fertility due to algulization of blue-green nitrogen-fixing algae

• Carbon fiber nanostructured activated sorption and application material for medical and technical purposes

• Possibilities of increasing productivity of the greenhouse economy due to torsional darsonvalizm

• Anti-stress project

• Fiberglass plastics package for packaging, storage of ammunition transportation

• Technology for the production of glazed pellets with high calorie content and durability, stable during storage and transportation

• Universal ecologically clean recycling complex.

Foundation of Scientific and Technological Development of Ukraine named after Academician V. Mikhalevych noted the following projects:

• FLAZ Technology of extraction of useful waste materials

• NanoInk for 2D and 3D. Printing with nanoink

• Shot Analyzer

• Restoration of soil fertility due to algulization of blue-green nitrogen-fixing algae

• Possibilities of increasing productivity of the greenhouse economy due to torsional darsonvalizm

• EG Structuroscope

• Toothpaste with active nanoparticles "Charivnytsia".

The Huawei Ukraine company noted the following projects:


• iNet for Pet. Internet for domestic pets

• RoadSSL. Implementation of smart street lighting

• Autonomous voice assistant robot

• Virtual class. Online platform for distance learning

• Emergency sealing system

• Solar computer.

The company "High-Tech Technologies" noted the following projects:

• Utilization of tires by cryoacoustic method

• High-speed compacting of hard alloys.

Patent Office "Benatov & Partners" marked the project "Universal ecologically clean utilization complex".

The company "PROGRESTECH-Ukraine" has noted the project "System of dual preparation of aviation engineers for Ukraine".

The award ceremony of the winners of the "POLYTECO Ukraine 2018-2019" contest, which is the national stage of the international competition "Intel-ISEF" (its final will be held next year in the USA), has been festive as always.

Consequently, the winners of the "POLYTECO Ukraine 2018-2019" contest are the following:

By category "Information Technologies":

1. The second place - Maksym Kovalchuk (Mariupol city technological lyceum, Donetsk region). Lego-SIM800L. Non-standard use of GSM communication.

2. The second place - Ihor Chovpan Serhiyovych, Danylo Savchenko (Kharkiv Educational Complex №45 "Academic Gymnasium"). TSIYU - a new device for safe unlocking of the computer with additional features.

3. The second place - Dmytro Lopushansky (Lviv Secondary School I-ІІІ degrees №8 with in-depth study of the German language). Multifunctional device for the blind.

4. The third place - Davyd Viniarsky (lyceum "Golosiivsky" number 241 in Kyiv). Website for online volunteering.

5. The third place - Serhiy Timofeyev (Technical Lyceum of Kyiv). Messenger zarums.

6. The third place - Artem Ahvanian (Mariupol technical lyceum, Donetsk region). Speed ​​perspective

7. The third place - Nazariy Synhayivsky (Technical Lyceum of Kyiv). Information system for preventing forest fires.

8. The third place - Nazar Ponochevnyi (Specialized School № 52 with in-depth study of IT technologies in Kyiv). ExploreYourMind. Software for the harmonious combination of video and music.

9. The fourth place - Nikita Sazonov (lyceum "Holosiyivsky" number 241 in Kiev). Mobile app "Kyiv Metro GuideBook".

10. The fourth place - Dmytro Palahin (Cherkasy Physics and Mathematics Lyceum). Internet service using collective intelligence of people to predict answers in problems without known solutions.

11. The fourth place - Ivan Skachkov (Krasnoarmeysk City Lyceum "Nadiya", Donetsk region). Simulator of drafts combinations.

12. The fourth place - Yuriy Soproniuk (Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Student Youth of Volyn Region State Administration). Web application SubeArt.

13. The fourth place - Serhiy Lysin (Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI"). Standalone Assistant Robot with voice control

14. The fourth place - Mykhailo Fursin, Oleksander Luniov (Communal institution of education "Dniprovsky Lyceum of Information Technologies at Dnipro National Oles Honchar University", Dnipro city council). Counterbalanced stabilization of the electric vehicle movement,

By category "Engineering":

1. The first place - Olha Kryva (Municipal institution "Podilsky Scientific and Technical Lyceum for Gifted Youth"). Life Line Cardio Software and hardware diagnostic and treatment complex for the prevention and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias,

2. The first place - Yevhen Chernozub (Kherson Physical-Technical Lyceum at KhNTU and DNU). Biomechanical manipulator

3. The second place - Anastasiya Maletech, Ihor Chabanyuk (Galytska Gymnasium of the Galitsky District Council). Fine and superfine electrodes - one of the ways to solve the problem of charge-discharge cycle in accumulators.

4. The second place - Dariya Ruda (Novoprazsky Educational Complex). Use of environmentally friendly materials for the production of hygiene products.

5. The second place - Maksym Honcharenko (Kirovograd Regional Educational Complex (Gymnasium-Boarding School - Art School) in Alexandria). Energy rove

6. The third place - Pavlo Ponochovny (Slavuta lyceum of II-III degrees of Khmelnytsky regional council). Investigation of the Properties of the sates of a fluidized bed of loose (granular) materials ..

7. The third place - Victoria Savchenko (EC "School of Computer Technologies - Lviv Technological Lyceum"). Water as a metamaterial, and methods of protection against its destructive action.

8. The third place - Yevheniya Oleshchenko (Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" in Kyiv). Solar generator on the water

9. The third place - Yelyzaveta Stoliarchuk (Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" in Kyiv). Recycling of plastic waste using solar energy

10. The fourth place - Dmytro Payevsky (Shepetivka Educational Complex №1, which includes: "Secondary School of I-II Degrees and Lyceum" named after Hero of Ukraine M. Dziavulsky Khmelnytsky Region). Determination of the internal frequency of oscillations of solids by acoustic resonance.

11. The fourth place - Sofiya Sanzharovska, Oleksiy Zasiedka (Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kiev Small Academy of Sciences). _ FOR PREVENTION OF TRAUMATISM AMONG TEENAGERS.

12. The fourth place - Yehor Borysenko (Kryvyi Rih natural sciences lyceum). Recuperation of energy in processes with intense heat exchange.

13. The fourth place - Tymur Hordiyenko, Artiom Mohyilny, Mykyta Rakushyn (Specialized School №304 in Kyiv with in-depth study of information technologies). Automatic storage of landfill gas.

14. The fourth place - Nazar Savchenko (Communal Out-of-School Educational Establishment "Station of Young Technicians of Pokrovsky District" of Kryvy Rih City Council). Development and production of a mobile wind turbine model.

By category "Physics and Astronomy":

1.The first place - Maryna Bunda (Slavuta Lyceum of the II-III degrees of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council). Self-diffusion chamber for research of charged particles in a laboratory practice of a school course in physics.

2. The second place is Davyd Oks (Odesa Region Municipal Establishment "Richelieu Lyceum"). Resonances in systems of exoplanets: mathematical randomness or physical regularity

3. The second place - Alisa Stepanova (Odesa Specialized School No. 117 of the І-ІІІ Grades of Odessa City Council, Odessa region). Investigation of outbreaks of recurrent New Views on archival data.

4. The second place - Yehor Shvachko (Lyceum # 142 of Kyiv). Investigation of motion and fluctuations of water droplets during the Leidenfrost effect.

5. The third place - Mariya Antonova (Chernihiv Lyceum № 32). Software for research and modeling of optical phenomena.

6. The third place - Alina Vasylyshyna, Dariya Shchuka (Shepetivka Educational Complex №3 as part of "School of I-III Grades named after N. Rybak and Lyceum with Increased Military-Physical Training"). Investigation of the Hertz-Quinke effect.

7. The third place - Arina Korzun, Tetiana Melnyk (Zhytomyr city center of scientific and technical creativity of pupils' youth). Investigation of LED lamps according to different parameters.

8. The third place - Oleksandr Khrokalo (Communal institution "Romny Municipal Small Academy of Student Youth Science" of the Romny City Council of Sumy Region, Romny Secondary School № ІІІ № 11). Creating a prototype device "Safe Vivarium Laboratory".

9. The fourth place - Olexander Danylevych (Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI"). Method of measuring the maximum tension of a cable with a laser beam.

10. The fourth place - Roman Kosenko (Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Students Youth of the Department of Education, Science and Youth of Volyn Regional State Administration). Receiving a sensing element for a Hall sensor based on silicon single crystal electrons.

11. The fourth place - Yelyzaveta Opria (Odesa Region Municipal Establishment "Richelieu Lyceum"). Physical characteristics of potentially dangerous asteroids 1999 УК14 and 2014 УС15.

12. The fourth place - Diana Pohuliaylo (Kryvyi Rih natural sciences lyceum). Investigation of hydrodynamic processes in a steel ladle.

13. The fourth place - Oleksiy Habidulin (Kyiv Territorial Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences). Investigation of the behavior of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids during their application in engineering,

By category "Power engineering":

1. The second place - Artem Artemenko, Dmytro Blahyi (Kirovohrad regional complex (gymnasium boarding school - art school), Oleksandria). Vibration as an induction current source.

2. The second place - Artiom Kopyl (Secondary Specialized School of I-S Degrees of Physics and Mathematics No. 12). Non-screwed wind energy device.

3. The second place - Maksym Lishchynsky (Chernivtsi Lyceum # 1 specialized in mathematics and economics, Chernivtsi City Council). Designing a cheap and compact solar hub.

4. The third place - Artem Denysiuk (Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI"). Installation of alternative energy sources as a way to reduce energy consumption in the metro.

5. The third place - Polina Pishova (Volyn Region Small Academy of Sciences). Single crystals (L8B) 1-Pb x 8e 2 as materials promising for the creation of thermoelectric converters.

6. The third place - Kateryna Fedoryshyna (Scala-Podilska EC "ZNZ I-III degrees-DNZ"). Mini-power plant for operation on small rivers and streams.

7. The fourth place - Artem Kudriavenkov (Kirovohrad Regional Educational Complex (gymnasium-boarding school - art school) Oleksandria). Intelligent Water Supply 2.0.

8. The fourth place - Yelyzaveta Lazarova (Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI" in Kyiv). Improvement of solar panel designs in order to increase its efficiency.

9. The fourth place - Ilia Riabko (Communal institution of education "Educational complex № 144" Specialized school with in-depth study of Hebrew, history of the Jewish people, Jewish traditions -preschool educational institution (kindergarten) "of Dnipro city council). The energy of open doors.

10. The fourth place - Andriy Sandul (Kirovohrad educational complex (Gymnasium - boarding school - art school) of Oleksandria). Use of a wind turbine in the vehicle's discharging zone.

By category "Mathematics":

1. The first place - Diana Onyshchenko (Bakhmak Secondary School of І-ІІІ degrees №5 of the Bakhmak District Council of Chernihiv Region). Algorithms for solving systems of linear equations and quaternion analysis.

2. The second place - Darya Basiuk (Gymnasium № 283, Kyiv Small Academy of Sciences). Friendly% are regular polygons.

3. The second place - Dariya Tyshchenko (Sumy Specialized School of І-ІІІ degrees № 10 named after O.Butka). Introduction of the parameter in solving equations of higher powers.

4. The third place - Anastasiya Venchkovska.

By category "Chemistry":

1. The first place - Dmytro Solomyaniuk (EC "School of Computer Technologies - Lviv Technological Lyceum"). Modification of polyethylene terephthalate waste by diethylene glycol for mineral fertilizer encapsulation.

2. The second place - Nadiya Sidelnik (Municipal Institution of LOR "Lviv Regional Small Academy of Student Science"). An ecologically safe method for the synthesis of annealed [1,2,3] triazolo [1,5-a] pyrimidines.

3. The third place - Mykyta Sorokin (Communal institution of education "Dnipropetrovsk Regional Medical Boarding School" Dnipro "). Electrochemical behavior of alloys for negative conductive lead of plumbic battery.

In the photo: on the stage there are the winners of the competition "POLYTECO Ukraine 2018-2019"