Department of Radio Reception and Processing of Signals (ROS), RTF

Prehistory of the department begins in Tashkent in 1943, where KPI was evacuated, which became a part of the Central Asian Industrial Institute (department No 2, headed by N.P. Vollerner). The second and final birth took place in Kiev after return from evacuation in 1945 as part of KPI: department of receiving and transmitting devices headed by professor S.I. Tetelbaum , was divided into two: the department of radio receivers (further department of radio reception and processing of electronic information, further department of radio reception and signal processing) and department of transmitting devices (the department of radio engineering devices and systems).

The first head of department was Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (Technics). Nahum Pilipovich Vollerner; who had been graduated in 1935 from the Department of Energy in Kiev Industrial Institute, where department of radio engineering was as a specialty; since 1952 Cand of Sci, from 1955 professor. Radio receiving devices, noise immunity, spectral analysis are the branches of the scientific interest.

  • Bachelor program: 6.050901 Radio Engineering,
  • Master program: 8.05090102 Radiocommunication, Radio- and Television Broadcasting Equipment