Ukraine 03056, Kyiv, 16 Politekhnicheskaya st.
Faculty of electronics, building 12, room 339
Tel.: +38 (044) 4549363

The ECED chair was founded in year 1985. Its staff, including former lecturers of the microelectronics and CAD-systems chairs, totaled 5 lecturers involved in training of students in two laboratories with overall area 84 sq. m.

During the first four years the student passes bachelor''s program and presents a complex project representing the synthesis of knowledge acquired for all this period. The graduate has to be familiar with various electron-computative devices, to understand the principles of operation of integrated circuits, to know their structure and technology of production. As shown by experience, basic education of our bachelors is highly competitive with that in developed countries of Europe and America. Moreover, it becomes a good basis for future studies.