Representatives of NTUU “KPI” took part in 19th World Non-destructive Testing Conference

Scientists of the Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems of NTUU “KPI” took part in 19th World Non-destructive Testing Conference (WCNDT 2016), that was hold in Munich (FRG) from June, 13 to 17

The moderators of the conference were International community for non-destructive testing (ICNDT) in cooperation with German community for non-destructive testing (DGZfP). This conference is hold once per 4 years and every time in different country of the world. As the matter of fact, is was hold for the second time in Germany (the first time 46 years ago – in 1970 in Hannover).

The conference was opened by M. Purshke (The president of EFNDT), P. Trampus (Vice-President of EFNDT), M. Farley (The President of International organization NDT, ICNDT), Anton Erher (The President of DGZfP – German community for NDT), R. Engelbert (The President of American community for NDT, ASNT), G. Nardoni (The President of International Academy of NDT), Norikazu Ooka, the president of Pacific ocean community of NDT in Asia), Karen Smith (the Vise-president of Olympus company) and others.

Over 2500 specialists from 71 countries – Germany, Canada, Russia, France, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Great Britain, USA, Ukraine, Poland, China, Japan and others took part in the conference. The participants presented nearly 800 oral and poster reports and presentations. 273 companies took part in exhibition of industrial equipment for NDT.

On behalf of the Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems of NTUU “KPI”, assistant of the department Yu.Yu. Lysenko presented poster reports on the subjects «Improvement of the Eddy Current Method of Non-Destructive Testing with Pulsed Mode Excitation» and «Using Hilbert transform for signal processing in Mechanical impedance analysis» (complete collective body: A.G. Protasov, Yu.V. Kuts, V.S.Yeremenko, Ye.F.Suslov, Yu.Yu.Lysenko, O.L.Dugin). Assistant of the department O.V. Lashko visited the exhibition of industrial equipment as well.

In the scope of cultural program, the moderators suggested participants excursions to “Alliance Arena” where trainings and games of world famous football team “Bavaria” and Bavarian evening with concerts of the best local collectives take place as well as a lot of sight-seeing tours of beautiful ancient and mysterious city.

The conference WCNDT 2016 became the place for new knowledge and meetings with fellow workers, specialists, scientists, postgraduate students and common users of equipment and tools of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics from all over the world.

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