Udovenko Vladimir Viktorovich - scientist and educator.

Vladimir Udovenko - known Ukrainian inorganic chemist, whose life and work are inextricably linked with the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"

Vladimir Udovenko was born in 1908 in Samarkand in the family driver of the railway. His parents by birth - from farmers Runovsky district, Poltava region. In 1925, after graduating from high school he was admitted in the Chemistry Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Central Asian State University, which was then transformed into the Department of Chemistry. He graduated from the University in 1930 with a degree of physical chemist. While studying at the university he began work as a laboratory assistant at the Department of Physical Chemistry, where he continued to study as a graduate student, and then he was transferred to the position of assistant. In 1937, he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of chemical sciences, after which he was confirmed in the rank of assistant professor. In 1942, he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Chemical Sciences and in 1945 was approved at the rank of professor. Since 1944, he was the Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry, the Central Asian State University. He taught a course in physical chemistry students of the Faculty of Chemistry and special courses for students of physical and chemical specialties. Since 1948, he began to read the course of Inorganic Chemistry at the Chemistry Department. Concurrently, in 1941 he gave a course of physical chemistry in the Central Asian Industrial Institute, as well as the course of Inorganic, Physical and Colloid Chemistry at the Tashkent Medical Institute.

In 1953, he moved to Kiev, where he began work as head of the Department of General and Physical Chemistry, Kiev Institute of Technology silicates, and after its merger with the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1955 became professor of the Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry. In 1956-1959 years he worked as vice-rector for scientific work KPI. Since 1960 he was the Head of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, and since 1966 Head of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Research interests V.V. Udovenko were related to branches of physical and chemical analysis of multicomponent systems and the chemistry of complex compounds. Under his leadership, in KPI it was founded school of chemistry of metal complexes with ethanolamine, which has so far successfully developed at the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry NTUU "KPI". Under the leadership of V.V.Udovenko 23 master's and doctoral dissertations were defended. He is the author of over 200 scientific papers and teaching aids. He was awarded the order "Badge of Honor", medals "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War", "Kiev 1500", "Graduate School of the USSR. For excellent work "and others. He was a member of the editorial board of the journal "Science and Life", a member of the Presidium of the chemical section of the Board of the Society "Knowledge". Since 1982, professor and consultant of the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry KPI.

Udovenko VV carried out extensive work on optimization methods of teaching the course in general and inorganic chemistry. In order to enhance students' independent work traditional lecture scheme - laboratory classes – exam- was replaced by the scheme of independent work - laboratory exercises - Lecture - exam, with the introduction of elements of research. It meets the requirements of independence in the work of students and ensures high efficiency.

In 2000, V.V. Udovenko died at the age of 92. He was buried on Baykovoye cemetery in Kiev. Those who knew him will always keep the memory of this outstanding personality.