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The world-famous scientists

Engineer and professor of engineering disciplines Galileo Galilei

A portrait of Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) painted by Justus Sustermans in 1636

In January 8, 2017 were 375 years since the death of the genius Italian scientist Galileo Galilei (15.02. 1564 - 08/01/1642), one of the founders of classical physics and natural science research in general.

Outstanding designer of engines Ivan Koval

Фото. Коваль Іван Андрійович

2014 is  the anniversary year for three well-known makers of various application engines, whose fates are linked with Ukraine.

G.M.Babakin – a designer of space stations. 100 years since the birth

Фото. Бабакін Георгій Миколайович

 November 13, 2014 – 100 years since the birth of  the chief designer of space technologies Georgiy Mykolayovich Babakin – corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of socialist labour, laureate of Lenin Prize.

Artillery masterpiece

Фото. Грабін Василь Гаврилович

Name an outstanding designer of artillery weapons mid-twentieth century, Colonel-General of Technical Troops, Hero of Socialist Labor (1940), winner of four Stalin Prizes of first degree (1941, 1943, 1946, 1950), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vasil Gavrilovich Grabin (1899 / 1900-1980)

The formula of Success by the member of the Academy Vladimir Sergeyev

Photo. Sergeyev Vladimir

Vladimir Grigoryevich Sergeyev - the outstanding designer of control systems of rocketry, twice Hero of Socialist Work, the winner of Lenin and State awards, the Doctor of Engineering, the academician of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Man whose armed astronomy. To the 450th anniversary of the birth of Galileo Galilei

Portrait of Galileo Galilei (Feb. 15, 1564-Jan. 8, 1642) by artist Domenico Tintoretto (1560-1635).

On February 15, 2014 was 450 years since the birth of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) - Italian scientist, one of the founders of classical natural science, by fundamental discoveries in physics and astronomy.

The fundamental ideas of Galileo in Physics

Physics is designated as an experimental and exact science, laws which are based on facts established by experiment, and formulated using mathematics. It has such features thanks to Galileo.

Aircraft engine production school named after Olexander Ivchenko

Photo. Olexander Ivchenko

Olexander Heorhiovych Ivchenko is a famous aircraft engine engineer that established his own school of aircraft engine production and united professional of the highest rank.

Nicolas Copernicus - great Polish astronomer, author of the heliocentric system of the world

Foto. Миколай Коперник

This week, the world celebrated 540 years since the birth of the great Polish astronomer and mathematician Nicolas Copernicus.

Isaac Newton - the superintendent of the Mint of England. By the 370th anniversary of the birth of Isaac Newton

Image. Карбувальний прес часів І. Ньютона

January 4, 2013, it was celebrated 370 years since the birth of Isaac Newton - founder of classical physics. His scientific achievements in the field of mathematics, theoretical mechanics, optics, and astronomy are well known, and talk about them again would be redundant.



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