News of science

Innovative developments for the manufacture of medical products

The project of scientists of Department of Laser Systems and Physical Technologies (LTFT), of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (MMI) for the manufacture of medical products made by a 3D printer became the finalist of the Sikorsky Challenge startup competition

Mechatronic hydroplant

Alternative technologies and devices, which use renewable energy and energy saving technology, are being developed due to threat of global energy and ecological crisis in the innovative countries.

The art unites nations

International scientific and practical conference, dedicated to art problems, took place in the Department of Philosophy for the 15th time. This year the conference was about importance of uniting art efforts.

All-Ukrainian Science Festival – 2019

Science festivals are the world’s best format for promoting scientific and technological achievements. All-Ukrainian Science Festival is a large-scale nationwide project for the promotion of science, which is held as a part of celebration of the “Science Days” in Ukraine.