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KPI scholarship holders

Paliychuk Lilia Serhyivna. The fellowshipped student of The Council Cabinet from IASA

Лілія Сергіївна Палійчук

In the end of the previous year Lilia Serhyivna Paliychuk, the asistent of the department of maths semantic analysis techniques, the junior science staffer  of the science-investigational department of the system-defined maths of the Institute of the commercial system-defined analysis, was aw

Creation of intellectual composite materials

Зліва направо О.А.Жученко, І.І.Івіцький, Д.К.Івіцька, В.С. Цапар

By decree of the President an authoring team of Faculty of Chemical Engineering – Candidates of Science, associate professors Zhuchenko OA (Department of Automation of Chemical Productions), Ivitsky II(Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering) Tsapar VS (Department of Automation

Leonard Euler Scholarship awarded to student of FEA

Prof. O.S.Yandulsky and O.Kuznetsov handed a scholarship to Ye.Nikonenko

Congratulations! Leonard Euler's scholarship was awarded to the student of the 6th year, Yevhen Nikonenko.

Young scientists of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute – scholarship winners

2018.11.05 Young scientists of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute – scholarship winners

By the decree of the Presidium of the Committee on State Awards of Ukraine in the field of science and technology of November 5, 2018, scholarships were awarded to young scientists who successfully carry out scientific research, carry out relevant scientific and technical developments and have al

Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars

Olena Nazarchuk

It is with this motto that Olena Nazarchuk, a student of the 6th year of the instrument engineering faculty, was awarded the scholarship of the President of Ukraine. The student life of Helen is intense and vibrant with bright influences.

Uniting the studying and practice

Тетяна Іваненко

The vast majority of Kyiv Polytechnic students are seriously preparing for future professional activities.

Following father’s steps

Юрій Онищук

One of the best students of the Faculty of Heat and Power, Yurii Onyshchuk, who receives Igor Kurchatov scholarship this year, is a student of the first year of master program, studying in the field of “Nuclear Power Engineering”, specializing in “Atomic Power Plants”.

President of Ukraine Scholarship awardee from the IHF

Сергій Бардашевський

The President of Ukraine scholarship awardee, Master student of the IHF, Sergiy Bardashevskyi is convinced that if you do what you really like, the result and recognition will come by themselves. “Of course,” he notes, “the environment plays an important role.

International experience - to Ukrainian projects

Nataliia Gvozdetska

The fifth year student of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems Nataliia Gvozdetska for her successes in studying, research and public life was awarded a scholarship of the President of Ukraine this year.

Student of FBMI - won the scholarship of the President of Ukraine for two times

Maria Gloza

Maria Gloza is known at the faculty for her educational, scientific, social and other achievements. She graduated from KPI this year. During her studying she proved herself as a responsible, diligent, friendly student who is ready to assume responsibility and give help in any situation.



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