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Department of Radio Reception and Processing of Signals (ROS), RTF

Prehistory of the department begins in Tashkent in 1943, where KPI was evacuated, which became a part of the Central Asian Industrial Institute (department No 2, headed by N.P. Vollerner). The second and final birth took place in Kiev after return from evacuation in 1945 as part of KPI: department of receiving and transmitting devices headed by professor S.I.

Lab microcontrollers of Radio Engineering Faculty is updated on the academic program NUVOTON

Кампус КПІ. 17 корпус. Лабораторія мікроконтролерів

Since the beginning of the academic year, Faculty of Radio Engineering students study microcontrollers o ARM Cortex M0 architecture on the mockups Nuvoton "Nu LB NUC140".


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