Department of Applied Radio Electronics (RE), RTF

Department of Applied Radio Electronics (RE), Radioengineering Faculty, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Address: AB # 17, Politehnichna street 12, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: 204-85-78,
Acting Head of the Department: Mykhaylo Stepanov

The Department of Applied Radio Electronics was established on the basis of two departments of the Radio Engineering Faculty: the Department of Radio Receiving and Signal Processing, created in 1943, and the Department of Radio Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment, created in 1968. The department consists of outstanding scientists and a lot of young professionals, worked at enterprises and had internships abroad.

The Department of Applied Radio Electronics trains bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy (PhD) at the specialty: 172 "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering", educational program: " Intelligent technologies of radioelectronic equipment ".

We use smartphones, we want to make our house "smart" and we think about "smart cities". Manufacturers for a long time use robotic conveyor lines, we should mention Boston Dynamics and their latest developments in various robots. Therefore, the future lies in engineers-developers of intelligent systems and devices for various purposes.

⠀Studying at the educational program " Intelligent technologies of radioelectronic equipment " students gain knowledge and skills in:

  • application programming of embedded systems using microcontrollers and microcomputers and programming languages C / C ++, Python, etc .;
  • interaction of intelligent technology with the environment through various sensors and actuators;
  • wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile, etc .;
  • design of intelligent electronic equipment, which includes all stages - from the idea, through the synthesis of the circuit to test its performance (Multisim and LTspice), the development of electronic module (Altium Designer), to the design of the case (Solidworks) taking into account the technology of real devices.

Graduates can make all the way from an idea to a finished device: design, manufacture and program. They will be ready to take an important place in the market of engineers-developers of modern electronic devices.