Polytechnic Lyceum

Director: Yuri Kyrychkov

Address: 03056, Kyiv -56 ,

Phone : (044 ) 204-94-72

Polytechnic Lyceum was established in 1991 as a state school for gifted students. Lyceum’s activity is generally aimed at meeting individual needs of each student .

The main stages of the Lyceum activity :

  1. 1-4 classes - elementary school . Activity of Lyceum at this stage is aimed at high-quality training of students: children are provided with deep study of Ukrainian and foreign languages, mathematics, they acquire basic computer skills .
  2. 5-6 classes. In these classes students are divided into two groups of early guidance :
    1. group – with advanced study of mathematics and physics ;
    2. group – without advanced study of mathematics and physics .

Classes without advanced study of mathematics and physics students learn second foreign language, get advanced study of Ukrainian language, history and biology. In the 6th class parents and students who attend classes without advanced study of mathematics undergo the career guidance.

  1. 7-8 classes. A complete specialized education with the course of chemistry for the chemical environmental oriented department and course of basics of economics for the economic oriented department. For humanitarian classes the advanced study of a second foreign language is introduced. At the end of the 8th grade students of all departments of training and their parents get acquainted with the curriculum and training programs of Educational and Scientific Complex "New Education" ( ESC ).
  2. 9-10 classes. Part of students continue study at specifically-oriented classes . Those students of Lyceum willing to study at ESC "New Education" form a professional group. In these classes rotation of students from specialized to professionally-oriented groups and vice versa is possible.
  3. 11 class. Lyceum students from specialized classes at the end of the 11th class enter "KPI" on preferential terms. Special terms are determined by the admission committee of the University .

Educational and Scientific Complex "New Education" established at the National Technical University of Ukraine " Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" by order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 229 from 19.06.1998 , as an experiment project .
The founders of the complex are KPI and Solomyanskiy District Department of Education in Kyiv . Members of the ESC are institutes and faculties of KPI:
Institute of Applied Systems Analysis , Department of Linguistics, Department of Sociology, Chemical Engineering Department , International University of Finance and secondary education institutions .

During their study at ESC , students have the possibility to complete high school curriculum in 10 grade and to learn the educational program of I and II years of study in the chosen specialty in 11-12 grades .

In 11th grade the class of general profile is formed to provide secondary education for students of 11-12 grades of ESC professional groups who for various reasons can not continue their studies. After 12 grade the graduates of ESC are transferred to III year of study in selected specialty of the higher educational institution .

ESC "New Education" provides training in the following professional groups :

  • GROUPS CI - graduates are transferred to the III year of the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis ( IASA of KPI ) in the following specialties: "Social science " ," System Analysis and Control "," Intelligent Decision Support Systems ".
  • GROUPS IUF - graduates are transferred to the III of International University of Finance in the following specialties: "Banking ".
  • GROUPS FL - graduates are transferred to the III year of the Faculty of Linguistics Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
    in the following specialties: " Technical Translation ".
  • GROUPS OF FSL - graduates are transferred to the III year of the Faculty of Sociology and Law of KPI for the following specialties: " Social Work ", " Administrative Management ".

For gifted students, who will eventually become the part of our society elite, a very important factor is the objective, impartial and complete assessment of their achievements.
Such evaluation leads to a new conflict-free education. This problem in Lyceum has been theoretically substantiated and the ability to create conflict-free education was proven. The number of tutorials revealing technologies of creating objective level tasks, level - stage evaluation and level grading are prepared for publishing.