Paton Ye.O

Paton Evgeny Oskarovich

Evgeny (Eugene) Oskarovich Paton (20.02[04.03].1870 - 12.08.1953) graduated from Dresden Polytechnic Institute in 1894, and from Petersburg Institute of Railway Roads in 1896. He was a lecturer at Moscow Engineering College of Railway Roads (1989-1904).


World-renowned scientist, outstanding organizer of science, talented engineer, genius of electric welding Borys Eugenovych Paton parted from this life in the 102 year. It is impossible to overemphasize Borys Paton’s contribution to world scientific and technological progress.

From the history of Kyiv bridges

The lecture about the history of Kyiv bridges and the role of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in their creation by famous Kyiv historian Valery Lysenko was the ending of December cycle of historical studios ‘Think about it’, organized by NTB of G.

Commemorating Yevhen Oskarovych Paton

One of the evenings of a series of cultural and educational activities that are usually dedicated to outstanding personalities of Ukraine or Poland took place in the Scientific and Technical Library of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikors

The Monument to Yevhen Paton

The Monument to Yevhen Paton was erected on the Museum Square against the State Polytechnic Museum (building №6) in 2002. The author and sculptor is O. Skoblikov.