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«Sikorsky Challenge 2014»: second day

2014.10.15 «Sikorsky Challenge 2014»: день другий

The second day "Sikorsky Challenge 2014" festival was dedicated first of all to the contests.

At the exhibition hall of Science Park "Kyiv Politechnic"  the jury of the contest «Sikorsky Challenge», which gave the name of the festival, examined 22 projects of the finalists. Or, rather the finalists have submitted their developments to the higher jury, which consists of researchers, representatives of charitable funds and venture capital from several countries. The work was started with the introducing words of the Rector NTUU"KPI" NAS of Ukraine academician Michael Zgurovsky, who then passed the guidance further work to the jury chairman - known IT-specialist and buisness-coach, the founder and leader of innovative technological business incubator "Be Next It" Igor Peer (Israel).

For the finalists this is a final stage of a long journey, that was started in April, when they have submitted their projects for the participation in the contest. Their projects were selected by Competition Expert Council between fifty two submitted developments, so  today's participation  is already a success for them. But all the same, the most important thing is a creation of  the real start-up, which is a dream for the participants. The presentation day is a good opportunity to closer this dream. But the presentation is just a part of the project. Igor Peer has explained it to the participants saying: "You have now the finest hour. You present the projects on which you worked long. To  speak before this panel of investors and the distinguished international jury is not easy thing. But, on the other hand, this performance to a certain extent crowns of your business! You are here today. But your presence here does not end with the presentation ... Here begins the next stage. If up to this point for you the main thing was to bring the project to a point where it needs to be present, but now you're nearing the stage when the project needs to grow. And those who are in the hall, can help you with this ... ".

Presentations were started with a report  " Energy Efficient and environmentally friendly plant for producing fresh water using the energy of the surrounding area". When the author of this development - Anastasia Ivanova - filed its draft to the competition, she was still a schoolgirl, a member of the Minor Academy of Sciences. Now she's a freshman KPI. But experts did not do any discounts for the age: after the presentation  a serious discussion of the prospects and conditions for this development took place. Several other works of the MAS participants were discussed the same serious way. It is worth noting that all these developments concerned very specific things, such as one of the young authors suggested hardware and software system for search and rescue as well as for anti-terrorist operations, another - an input device in the system management appliances for people with disabilities and others.

Projects  of the experienced competitors, and among them were not only young engineers, but also doctors of science, have also been focused on solving the most practical problems, as evidenced by their name, "Orbital- service", "UAV« Spectator »,« Portable water treatment plant "" The monitoring system of social networking «Network Monitor», «Nanosatellite« PolylTAN-2 "for the educational, scientific and technological applications" and others. Of course, each of these developments deserve implementation and support from investors, so, probably, a choice that will appear before the experts will not be easy.

Meanwhile, at the Center for Culture and Arts NTUU "KPI" the jury of  the other competition, which is held during the festival, - «Intel-Techno Ukraine 2014-2015" worked actively. Under the contest terms the presentation of projects and interviews the jury with the authors are held behind closed doors, that is, in the presentation of projects fans young artists, the audience and the press are not allowed.

However, their supervisors and do not lose time: together with high school teachers they took part at the activities of the Academy of Educational Intel ISEF «Science in school." Therefore, the representatives of this category of festival participants listened to lectures of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, university professors and representatives of leading IT-companies. Their subject matter was quite broad: "The scientific method, critical thinking and innovative research methods in science and education" (S.L.Mosyakin, Corr. NASU, scientific consultant for Intel ISEF), «Prospects of development of Wi-Fi» (Igor Mihalitsin, general manager of TP-LINK), «What kind of education is required for an IT professional career and professional development" (O.P.Sirota, director of staff development EPAM Systems), «development of the inventive faculty students in learning physics" (A.A. Davidenko, professor, head of natural and mathematical sciences Chernigov Institute post diploma pedagogical education named after K.D. Ushinsky,) and others. However, it was not just a lecture - teachers actively communicated with the contest leadership and received answers to questions about the principles of project evaluation.


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