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Modern electrical engineer: New Challenges and Opportunities

2014.10.30 Засідання круглого столу "Сучасний інженер-енергетик: нові виклики  та можливості"

October 30 this year at the jobs fair "KPI invites to cooperation" Department of Electricity  of the Institute of  Energy Saving and Energy Management held a roundtable "Modern Power Engineer: new challenges and opportunities." The meeting was attended by teachers of the department and representatives of the various institutions, organizations, companies operating in the energy sector. Two main issues were discussed. Firstly, these are modern training requirements for energy specialists in the context of the following changes: the introduction of ISO 50001, "Energy Management System", the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the Principles of functioning of the electricity market of Ukraine" and the development of the Smart Grid concept in Ukraine. Secondly, it was about the implementation approach "teaching - science - Business", in particular through targeted training, retraining and professional improvement, internship students and practical training, the implementation of targeted diploma and master works. The event program also included a tour of the Energy Management Training Center, University Centre "Energy for sustainable development," learning laboratories of the department.

The introduction speech was made by the director of the IESEM, Head of the Electricity Department Professor S.P.Denisyuk.. He provided information on the knowledge and skills of the graduates of the department, who studied in the field of "Power management" and "Electrical systems of power", spoke about the reform of the system of higher education in Ukraine.

 Head of the department asked potential employers, whether they are ready to recruit graduates with bachelor level of higher education, because in the new edition of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" there is a lack of educational qualification level "specialist". The answer was quite predictable, yes - but only for positions involving only operation of power equipment; more creative solutions of engineering problems hardly will be trusted a bachelor. S.P.Denisyuk told also about International Standard of Qualification of  Education (ISCED 2013) published by the Institute of Statistics of UNESCO; its implementation in Ukraine certainly will affect the existing list of specialties.

V.I.Litvin, graduate of the department of power supply in the specialty "Power management", and today the chief engineer KP "Group implementation of the project on energy saving in administrative and public buildings in Kiev" expressed his opinion. According to him, the issue of energy efficiency in the public sector is extremely topical for Ukraine, so these specialists are in demand in the labor market. To acquire practical skills in specialty during training, he offered to attract students to conduct energy audits of public institutions Kiev. V.I.Litvin also noted that the strength of the graduates of the power supply is their knowledge of both electrical engineering and heat engineering, because it allows to solve the problem of energy supply of buildings and structures.

The latter point was confirmed by A.O.Kvitsinsky - Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technical Center of electric power, a separate division of NEC "Ukrenergo". According to him, non-systematic approach often harms efficiency, for example, if you use electric heating for buildings with class energy efficiency E or F, then it leads to unnecessary costs for the reconstruction of the existing power networks. The specialist also said that in our time, when the latest technology in the energy sector is developing very rapidly, it is important to have this interdisciplinary approach in training, to teach students self-education and to organize training courses for experienced workers. This could become also an additional income in the budget of the university.

Head of "Ukrsotsproekt" M.O.Kovinev added that it is desirable that the names of professions graduates meet European standards, because this information his company provides while participating in international tenders, and it, among other things, affects the results of the contest. Director of "Technical and management services" Society M.A.Levitsky also confirmed the need of implementation of the international classification of education, to talk with foreign partners in the same language. As a specialist for Standardization, he advised to strengthen the legal training of senior students.

The graduate of the department power supply O.V.Ovdienko, who is now chairman of the board of the Public Union "Association of Energy Engineers Ukraine" shared his own experience of the work as the energy manager in USA. He said that engineering education today is extremely popular in the world, but the quality of depends on the practical involvement of students to solve applied problems.

Founder of the group on energy efficiency in LLC "DTEK energy" O.V.Gorbunov noted that the company he represents, has already started cooperation with the department of electricity IESEM. The result of the joint work was not only a significant reduction in the consumption of fuel and energy resources in the production, but also the publication of the monograph "Design and implementation of an energy management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001 in the enterprises" DTEK energy. " The expert told also about the plans for the next year - 20 open positions for graduates of the department of energy managers  at coal and generating enterprises  "DTEK energy." Management expects that young professionals will come to them with a specific package of innovative solutions to quickly take the initiative and implement their projects to life.

The head of LLC "Engineering logic" O.V.Rozumovsky told about the fruitful cooperation with IESEM, which helps in the creation in the Institute of the modern laboratory for students with equipment Siemens.

Summing up the results of the round table, participants noted the demand for graduates of the department of power supply in the labor market in Ukraine and abroad; recognized expedient to bring the names of specialties with international standards; decided to strengthen the practical training of students by involving them in the applications; expressed the wish to the staff of  the department continue to address energy efficiency.

Rethinking the results of the meeting you realize that we need each other, employers are interested in qualified and modern staff in a new professional knowledge, teachers and students of the department - in conducting their research on real enterprises and work on interesting projects. Our partnership is the main key to success.

Julia Cherneckaya, Postgraduate Department of Power Supply

[30.10.2014 / 10:00] Professions Fair - 2014

The biggest technical university in Europe, the first rated University of Ukraine represents its graduates of 114 specialties at the Rrofessions Fair "KPI is looking to cooperate."

Fair will be held on October 30, 2014 , at 10:00 in the hall of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI".

The main goal of this event is to introduce new forms of cooperation NTUU"KPI" with companies and organizations for the long term in terms of integration of Ukraine into the European economic and educational environment.

Objectives of the event:

  • partnerships between NTUU"KPI" and enterprises and businesses in the long term;
  • informing all participants in the economic process of readiness NTUU"KPI" in the adaptation of curricula of their faculties in accordance with the requirements of the labor market;
  • provide students NTUU"KPI" with the possibility of practical use of knowledge and skills and gain practical experience in leading companies of Ukraine;
  • creation of NTUU "KPI" image as an educational institution that is willing to cooperate with employers by European standards;
  • attracting graduate students to discuss employment issues;
  • discussion of the needs of the modern labor market and the requirements of employers to the graduates of NTUU "KPI".

Registration starts at 9.30 in the Hall of the Academic Council at Ave.Peremogi, 37, Building 1, NTUU"KPI".


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