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September 21 - Day of the inventor and rationalizer

2013.09.21 День винахідника і раціоналізатора

Dear inventors, rationalizers, scientists and students of NTUU "KPI"! Dear colleagues! I sincerely congratulate you on a professional holiday - Day of the inventor and rationalizer!

Your persistence, creative concern and enthusiasm serve the solution of actual problems of science and technology, make the national economy more efficient.

It's hard to imagine the modern world without inventions. What would be like a human being, if not your hard work?  Exactly thanks to your ideas there are all great achievements and changes.  You, inventors and rationalizers, work for society, for better, more harmonious life.  Thanks to you the national science walks forward, the technological potential of our state becomes stronger.

I wish you and farther to remain in forefront  of the scientific-technical progress, through  own work to promote the growth of welfare of our compatriots, the transition of economy of the state to an innovative way of development.

I wish you inexhaustible inspiration, optimism, aspiration to knowledge novel and new discoveries!

Yours sincerely

M. Z. Zgurovsky, rector of NTUU "KPI", academician of NAN of Ukraine
Translator:  Леся Лесик ЛА-12


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