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Orientation Meeting of Scholars Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2 (Mobility)

2014.07.03 Orientation Meeting of Scholars Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2 (Mobility)

Events within the orientation meeting for Ukrainian Scholars Project Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2 (Mobility) occurred on July, 3 at NTUU "KPI".

More than hundred of scholars from almost all regions of Ukraine who are planning to go to European universities for 2014/15 academic year participated in this meeting. First of all, they are the students studying for bachelor and master programs, PhD students and young researchers who will visit European universities for PhD and Rostdoctoral programs.
The meeting was organized by the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", the EU Delegation in Ukraine, the National Tempus / Erasmus + Office in Ukraine, Association of Students and Alumni Erasmus Mundus (EMA).

The meeting was opened by the First Counselor, Head of Section "Economic cooperation and social and regional development" of EU Delegation to Ukraine Jose Roman Leon Lora and by chief manager of academic mobility of students of the Department for educational work NTUU "KPI" Tatiana Kuchinskaya. Their performances set the tone to all subsequent activities.

Thus, participants were able to learn more about general conditions, possibilities and features of the program Erasmus Mundus Action / Action 2, the statistics and geography programs, get information about study abroad from graduates and participants of previous years and learn more about activities of the Association of Erasmus students and graduates Mundus (EMA). They also met with representatives of the diplomatic missions of countries they will soon go to learn, scholars talked to staff of the embassies of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden and so on.

Among the problems that organizers wanted scholars to discuss were not only general issues (for example, a review of European academic community), but also very specific and extremely vital for our country issues - for example, about job opportunities in Europe for graduates of Ukrainian universities and reasons to return to Ukraine.

And, of course, the opportunity to meet their fellow students in Europe was very useful for students who will soon go abroad for new knowledge.


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