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Projects of Startup Challenge graduates

Проекти випускників стартап школи “Sikorsky Challenge”

The IV Festival of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2015» will be held in National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute” within 13 and 16 October.

1. Project of autonomous heat supply “Proper heat”(Marina Shovkalyuk and Yury Shovkalyuk).

2. BAS- liposomal form of biologically active substances (Sergei Shulga, Dmitry Sklyar and Igor Gluh ).

3.‘Ionite filter’ (Maslov O, Kosygin V., Rogova N.)

4. Supervizor - Projection monocoque, that allows its users easy mounted with media service and    panoramic shield in sets (Anton Galyashinsky).

5. Breez- Dehumidifier for shoes  with a zeolite exchanger filler(Tatiana Gabinet)

6. "8 words a day"-  Service provides effective e-learning of foreign language vocabulary by means of words, pictures and audios  and examples every day ( Natalia Sherimbetova).

7. Sofast- is a multicurrency money transfers around the world without binding to the bank account and the system of a sender(Alexander Kshutashvili, Ilya Balikin).

8. iHouse - The system unites all opportunities  to have control over of the smart house in smartphone(Yakov Yusin).

9. Shopimate- The system of loyalty consisting of a mobile application for the users, web service for administration of shop and shopping center(Max Ilnitsky).

10. Save  your bag - The protective cover for road suitcases that will save your time and money, and also will protect contents of your suitcase. (Oksana Kovalchuk, Alexander Bulakh, Nikita Riabokon,  Eugene Chekov, Vladimir Yurkin).

11.Felicita- Mobile application, which  remembering  holidays; preparing a congratulation and  sending automatically(Valentin Vinnichenko).

12. “Чё похавать?”- A recipe search engine that utilizes the ingredients you already have on hand. (Maxim Kaplya, Nikita Kornishev).

13.Project Fantasy - new researches with the fantastic fiction (Vasyl Stepanchenko, Svetlana Kiyanchenko).

14. Back to reality - The tool allowing to find and make out the colourful fantastic world, hidden in reality behind a routine raid(Alexey Tuguchov, Anastasia Tuhucheva, John Vorotyahin, Alexander Turov).

15. Digital Film Studio- the software for the organization of work of film studios and film production. The product is aimed at optimization and simplification of the processes connected with a cinema(Maxim Petrenko).

16. VK-face - Resource expands possibilities of social networking site Vkontakte(Vyacheslav Kushnir).

17. BioHand - bionic artificial limb of fingers of a hand. (The artificial limb which not only imitates existence of fingers, and and provides mobility of lost phalanxes)(Konstantin Vonsevich, Vladislav Pastushenko, Vladislav Tkachenko, Stanislav Yushkov).

18. 3D Coffee - The 3D printer — prints object from dairy foam on a cappuccino, latte and cocktails ( Nikita Ryzhkov).


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