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100 years anniversary of the updated Warsaw polyequipment

Ювілейна монета номіналом у 200 злотих

On November 15 in Poland widely celebrated the centenary of the updated Warsaw polyequipment. To this date the National bank of the Republic of Poland even exhausted anniversary coins - gold, of 200, and silver - 10 zloties.

The keyword in this anniversary - "updated", after all any in KPI knows that is created the Warsaw polytechnical institute, in 1898 by the same decree of the tsar Nicholas II by which also the Kiev polytechnical was formed. However, actually, the bases of educational institution in Poland consider this date not absolutely correct. The matter is that the first academic technical school appeared in Warsaw in 1826. The famous state and public figure, the educator, the publicist and the scientist Stanislav Stashits was the initiator of her creation. However, it existed not for a long time: after November revolt it according to the decision of the tsar Nicholas I in 1831 was closed. Within more than sixty years of any higher educational institution of a technical cross-section in Warsaw wasn't. In 1895 there was a School of equipment and mechanics here, and only in 1898 - the Warsaw polytechnical institute with training Russian. But also he also worked not for long - till 1905 when it was closed because of student's disorders.

Only in 1915 the institute started working again, but already in a root the updated. First of all I changed training language - disciplines in it are read in Polish since then. Since then it for a year didn't stop work. Therefore since 1915 reckons updated lives the Warsaw university of technologies (such is official the name of the Warsaw polyequipment). After World War II Vavelberg and Rotvend's engineering school joined structure of the Warsaw polytechnical. In 1967 it was open its branch in Plock. In 1991 at Institute the Business school is open

Now VUT is the best technical college of the country and one of the largest and best higher education institutions not only Poland, but also all Central and Eastern Europe. For many years he manages to hold the highest places in national and international ratings. Training is carried out at twenty faculties and ​​ at the International business school here. These educational and scientific divisions cover practically all areas of equipment. The VUT brand is well-known not only in Poland, but also is far beyond its limits. His students and employees take active part in the international educational and research projects. Traditionally friendly there are also partner communications of the Warsaw polytechnicians with NTUU "KPI". Moreover, our universities are higher education institutions sworn brothers.

Therefore collective NTUU "KPI" congratulates teachers and students of the Warsaw university of technologies on 100-year anniversary and wishes the Polish colleagues of prosperity and success in the territory of science and education!

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