Anniversary Edition. KPI: Second Century, Maintaining Traditions

Contents (first version)
1. Traditions of the First Century
2. Research Triad of the University
3. Scientific Schools
4. KPI Innovative
5. Institutes and Faculties
6. International Dimensions of Quality
7. KPI Space Program
8. Nowadays and Road Map for the Future
Editorial Board (first version)
M.Z. Zgurovsky - Chairman of the Editorial Board,
M.Yu. Ilchenko - Deputy Chairman,
D.L.Stefanovich - Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board,

Members of the editorial board:

Yu.I.Yakymenko, V.A. Pasichnyk, S.I. Sidorenko, M.M. Perestiuk, N.V. Semenchenko, V.V. Lazarenko, V. Tatarchuk, M.I. Bobyr, S.M. Zygulia, O.V. Lykhovodova.