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‘Kyiv Polytechnics: the beginning of the history’. About the book by V.Yankovy and D.Stefanovich

 the book “Kyiv Polytechnics: beginning of the history” by  Volodymyr Yankovyi and Dmytro Stefanovych

I’m proud of the fact that I have been working in the best technical university of Ukraine for 58 years. Of course, I keep an eye on all publications dedicated to its history and present days.

Meeting with the publisher

2018.11.19 Зустріч з видавцем Олегом Симоненком

On the 19-th of November 2018 there was a meeting of the students of the Department of Publishing Studies and the Head of the publishing house “Time of masters” Oleg Symonenko.

On a book forum: for youth and adults

2018.09.23 The Forum of Publishers in Lviv

The Forum of Publishers in Lviv is one of the largest cultural events in Ukraine. Hundreds of books are presented here annually and dozens of creative meetings take place. This year's 25th anniversary forum took place in September, the theme of which is Freedom.

Rare books of descriptive geometry

Студенти ММІ під час вручення бібліотеці старовинного видання

First year students of almost all faculties acquainted with the exhibition of rare books on descriptive geometry during March - April which was deployed in the hall of rare books of STL NTUU "KPI".

Vintage Editions on Arts and Architecture in STL

Старовинні видання з мистецтва і архітектури у НТБ

The library stock of rare and valuable books of H.I. Denysenko’s Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU “KPI” keeps many books on various branches of science and education, including textbooks from XVIII–XX c. Among the books, the collection of literature on arts and architecture of XIX–XX c.

Ukrainization of the higher technical school of the 20-30th of the 20th century on the example of KPI

Колектив КПІ. Комсомольці інституту перед головним корпусом інституту. Літо, 1925 рік

Long time at the higher technical school of Ukraine in educational process generally used Russian. In Russian printed the majority of textbooks and grants, the main scientific and reference books which we use still.

Izdatelstvo Izvestiy KPI's Founding Story

Видання КПІ. Издательство  Известий КПИ

Researchers who research institutions of higher learning usually emphasize new scientific schools and personalia, cultural events, etc. But the educational process is impossible without printed materials.

Book and Copyright Day Celebration

Святкуємо День книги та авторського права

Authors, publisher, teachers, librarians and everyone who works in this sphere celebrate Book Day. It is celebrated in 190 countries. For the first time it was celebrated in Catalonia (Spain) in 1996, where there is a nice tradition to give a person you like a book and roses in Saint George Day and it has been celebrating more than 80 years.


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