Distance learning in Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute: answers to important questions

During the quarantine, the curriculum in Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute is on a distance learning. We are answering the most important questions.

1. Is there any algorithm of having distance lessons?

The algorithm is the same as the simple studying. The lecturer is communicating with his/her students online, informing about the arrangements of the material of lectures, giving the tasks, defining the deadlines and putting marks for students' works.

2. Which instruments can facilitate this interaction?

The system of «Electronic Campus» operates in Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute. It is the only university system that functions as an archive of studying materials. There are different electronic cabinets where students get access to particular materials and can communicate with the lecturer, as well. Besides, neither students nor the lecturers are limited in using any other platforms. In particular, the Moodle platform for organizing a distance learning is also recommended to the lecturers who had passed the certification training before. Students and lecturers can hold Skype conferences, do tasks and just send a file to the lecturer on his/her email, communicate in chatrooms, etc.

3. What can students do with the lessons they cannot have online (e.g. physical education, laboratory works which can be held only in the laboratories of the university)? Will they avoid problems connected with expulsion during the quarantine?

The headship of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute has no intention of expulsing students during the quarantine as the lecturers are taking these difficult circumstances of the whole world into consideration. Their aim is to provide the best opportunities for the curriculum.

As for the lessons that cannot be held on the territory of the university, the departments are going to give the information of any particular discipline concerning distance learning as soon as it is possible. Every discipline should have a plan of distance learning, be provided with the theoretic materials (video lections, books, manuals), questions of self-check, tasks, conditions and deadlines of hanging in the assignments and the ways of checking. As the situation connected with coronavirus is unpredictable, we are encouraging students to wait for our appropriate decisions.

4. Before the quarantine, students had the opportunity to get points during the lesson. How will they get points now?

The administration and department of the university are discussing this question. The decision will be published in the official channels.

5. The 4th grade has a session at the beginning of April. The quarantine is officially till the 3rd of April. How will the session be held?

Today we have this schedule:

  • The credit week: April 6-11
  • The practice: May 13-16 (except FMP and FSP – they should have already had it)
  • The session: May 18-23
  • The preparation and diploma protection: May 25 – June 20

6. How can students get an attestation at distance learning?

Attestation is a current control of lecturers' and students' work according to the curriculum. And that is the purpose of these intermediate attestations in the terms. Because of quarantine, the way of studying and putting an attestation will be changed. Lecturers should explain students how they will cooperate under such circumstances. If the lecturers did not mention the rules, students can ask the Head of Department about it.

7. How will the process be going on for those who receives the second higher education?

Quarantine did not influence on students who receive the second education at all, as it is a distance learning. The winter session passed, and the next one is in summer. We are currently working on the development of a package of events for distance learning in the future.

8. How will the preparation courses be working?

The studying at the preparation courses will be held with the help of the platform of distance learning Moodle. This learning platform provides a well-developed set of instruments of digital learning, including distance one, for lecturers, students and administrators.

The vice-rector for educational work Anatoliy Melnichenko, the vice-rector for educational work Natalia Seminska, the principal of the Institute of monitoring of the education quality Maria Perestiuk, the principal of the Institute of postgraduate education Inna Maliukova, the principal of the Information Systems Design Bureau Alex Finogenov.

All topical information will be published on the official channels of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Follow the news!