A concert to New Year holidays

The conference room of Academic Council of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute turned into the concert hall for a while on the 18th of December. The students and teachers of National Music Academy of Ukraine named by Petro Tchaikovsky made the performance to the personnel and students of Kyiv Polytechnics

A National Artist of Ukraine professor Svitlana Glukh and Laureate of International Competitions Associate Professor Tetiana Yakovenko presented the pupils of Music Academy. The students performed the works ‘Melody’ and ‘Heart on the Snow’ of the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev (Zakhar Paliy), Oscar’s song from the opera of Giuseppe Verdi ‘Ball masquerade’ (Ganna Ivanova), the romance "Infinite field" by Mykola Lysenko and the song ‘I look at the sky’ be Mykola Petrenko (Sergiy Derun), the Ukrainian folk song ‘Where Ytran winds’ and Italian folk song ‘O Sole Mio’ (Ruslan Solonenko), the old romance ‘Bright is the Night’and the habanero from the George Bizet’ opera ‘Carmen’ (Olena Skitsko), the song from Frank Sinatra’s repertoire ‘Strangers in the Night’ (Theona Thodua and Vladislav Fominykh), the romance of Petro Tchaikovsky ‘Amidst the Noisy Ball’ and one of Mykola Lystov ‘I Remember A Beautiful Sound of A Waltz’ (Vladyslav Fominykh). In addition, Svitlana Glukh and Tetiana Yakovenko masterly performed a famous piano play ‘To Eliza’ by Ludwig Van Beethoven in the arrangement of Myroslav Skoryk. And for last, all vocalists performed the compositon "Someday".