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“Polytechnic” dances in Poland

2017.06.25-07.05 the People's Ensemble of Folk Dance toured Poland

At the end of June – early July, the People's Ensemble of Folk Dance of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute toured Poland with triumph. Dancers took part in three international festivals.

The first city visited by the ensemble was Pisha. “Polytechnic” had an interesting excursion: acquainted with the architecture, history and prominent places of the city. The leader of the ensemble, Ulyana Zakharova, was invited to the city hall where, with the participation of the mayor, issues of cooperation and cultural exchange between our countries were discussed.

The main event on which the ensemble arrived was the 7th International St. John's Fair, which was attended by 15 ensembles from 10 countries of the world. The festival was held in the open air in the historic part of the city, and all the inhabitants gathered to see this action. Polytechnic folk dance ensemble gave a full concert of ten rooms and highlighted the culture of Ukraine, as evidenced by the sincere ovation of the audience and numerous thanks to the organizers of the contest.

Next, “Polytechnic” visited Bartoshetsa, where the IV International Folklore Festival “Krayaka” was held in the local culture house. The beginning of the holiday marked the solemn procession of the participants of the festival by the city center and a joint photo shoot. The festival featured five collectives from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Serbia. The audience warmly welcomed our dancers, with each subsequent number the viewers burst in applause to artists. In the end, the audience applauded standing, shouting “bravo”.

The city of Elk was the third city to which the ensemble arrived with the concert program. There was the largest festival of our journey, “Festiwal Tecca”, which featured fifteen ensembles from ten countries: Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Lithuania, Georgia, Mexico and Bulgaria. The ensemble of dance “Polytechnic” was honored to close the festival. The culmination of the whole action was the Ukrainian folk dance “Hopak”, which impressed the public the most and was accompanied by numerous ovations and requests to repeat the performance.

After the festival part of the tour, the ensemble visited excursions in Warsaw and Krakow. Dancers returned full of new experiences and plans for future meetings.

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