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Summer School for Mathematicians "Stochastic Analysis, Probability Theory and Related Issues"

2018.05.28-30 Summer School for Mathematicians

Summer School for Young Scientists and Students "Stochastic Analysis, Probability Theory and Related Issues", organized within the framework of a joint Norwegian-Ukrainian project in the field of mathematical education, performed by the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory of Igor Sikorsky KPI and the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Oslo (Norway), took place on May 28-30, 2018. Cooperation between mathematicians of Ukraine and Norway is funded in 2017-2019 by the Norwegian Center for International Cooperation under the EURASIA program.

Professors György Terdik (University of Débrecent, Hungary) and Silvelyn Zwanzig (University of Upsala, Sweden) were invited to attend the school, they gave intensive mini-lectures on modern methods of statistical data processing on the sphere and the simulation of random events of very big dimension using the SIMEX method. The school curriculum also included lectures by Professor O.I. Klesov (Igor Sikorsky KPI) on the latest use of correctly variables in applied tasks of probability theory. Norwegian colleagues were especially interested in the training courses of associate professors A.B. Ilienko and I.V.Orlovsky, who spoke about various ways of solving the Olympiad tasks in mathematics. This interest is due to the desire to prepare Norwegian national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad, which in 2022 will be held for the first time in Oslo.

[The full version of material is on Ukrainian language]


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