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Legal office

Head of the office: Bezhevez Alla Myhailivna
Address: 03056, Kyiv, Peremohy Ave., 37, building №1, off. 193, 191
Phone: 204-81-34, 236-60-63
Reception hours 14-30 - 16-00 daily
e-mail: pravo[at]


Legal office is an independent structural department of the university and is subordinate to rector directly.

The main task of legal office is the organization of legal work aimed at correct application, strict adherence and prevention of non-compliance with the requirements of legislation, other normative acts by the university and employees in carrying out their assigned tasks and functional responsibilities, as well as representation of the university's interests in the courts.

The legal office consists of:

  • Legal department;
  • Department of claim issues.

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