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«The evolution of cognition»: the efforts to know the Truth

2017.11.15  відкриття монументальної композиції «Еволюція пізнання»

On November 15 was held the grand opening of the monumental composition “Evolution of Cognition” near the entrance gate of the University on the side of Yangel Street.

The project was implemented through the cooperation of the university authorities, patrons and the creative team of its authors and university specialists, who directly embodied it in metal and stone.

“This composition is completed by the ensemble of the entrance group of our university. It symbolizes the aspiration of mankind for the knowledge of the Truth. This work was not easy to create, it was born in a very creative atmosphere, - said at the opening ceremony the rector of the KPI, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Michael Zgurovskyi. He also thanked the project author, university staff who participated in the production of sculptural elements, and sponsors, without whom it would be impossible to install it on campus.

The 4.7-meter artistic sculpture “Evolution of Cognition” consists of two cylindrical granite pedestals mounted on a cylindrical plastic bronze pill that supports a gilded bullet. The stage is a metaphorical symbol of wild nature. The study of its laws is the main objective of research in various fields. Allegoric image of these directions is the pylons. They grow out of stone and intersect in the quest for the sphere – an ideal geometric figure that embodies the truth. The truth, that science is trying to find and understand. So from the pylons it seems that the sphere of new knowledge is born or opened.
However, according to the design of the author of the project of the sculptor, the Honored Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Valiev, the spatial composition can generate other, various associations and images. “Modern art needs modern forms,” he emphasized. - I think that everyone can see their own in this composition. For generalized, abstract forms allow the imagination of a person to more widely perceive contemporary, plastic ... “.

The composition was built at the expense of the graduate of the KPI in 1992, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Andrievsky, the International Charitable Foundation “Life with Extra” and with the support of a member of the Supervisory Board of the KPI Bogdan Andriitsev.

Bronze sculpture was cast on the department of foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals engineering and physical faculty. Directors of the department were Myhailo Yamshynskyi and the academic masters Volodymyr Belozertsev, Mykola Kyrylenko, Valery Blagovorny, Anatoliy Khomenko, Mykhailo Morozov with the assistance of the dean of the faculty Peter Loboda, Vice-rector for the administrative work of Petro Kovalyov and with the participation of the Chief Architect of the University Stanislav Snezhkin The granite pedestal was made by a private businessman, Alexander Rachkovsky. The coordinator and project manager was Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Vitaliy Kotovsky.

In the photo: participants of the opening ceremony near the monumental composition “Evolution of Cognition”.


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