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«The evolution of cognition»: the efforts to know the Truth

2017.11.15  відкриття монументальної композиції «Еволюція пізнання»

On November 15 was held the grand opening of the monumental composition “Evolution of Cognition” near the entrance gate of the University on the side of Yangel Street.

Master of screw-thread

В.Пушкін біля своєї скульптури Сесія

Artworks of V. Pushkin always differ from its originality and singularity of design. It arose the interest of visitors and heated discussions. Some of them adorn the private offices, the majority located in the 22nd campus building, where Vladimir Pavlovich worked as head of the laboratory.

Skoblikov Olexandr Pavlovych. Unforgettable Meetings with the Master

Скобліков Олександр Павлович

O. P. Skoblikov was one of the masters whose works added to the memory of eminent creators who had greatly contributed to science, education and culture of Ukraine.


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