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Awarding of the winners of the Mathematical Competition

2017.04.11 Нагородження переможців математичної олімпіади

On March, 22 at the  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was conducted an open student competition in mathematics. This event is annually held by the collective of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Relativity Theory in the framework of the first stage of Ukrainian ­student­ competition in ­mathematics for students of higher educational­ institutions.

This year in the competition ­participated about 250 students from 16 faculties and institutes­ of the University. The most numerous teams were represented by the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, Institute for Applied System Analysis, and the Institute of Specialized Communication and Information Security.

As every year, the competition was held in two categories: for the first-year students and for senior students. Among the first-year students, the best result was shown by Alexander Mishin (FIOT, gr. IT-61), The second place was shared by the Alexander Rudensky (FIOT, gr. IT-62) and Anton Mironyuk (FIOT, gr. IP-62), the third place was taken by Vladislav Klibanski (FAKS gr. VL-62),  Marina Pechena (FIOT, gr. IP-62), Daniel Litvinchuk (FIOT, gr. IP-62), Daniel Litvinchuk (IPSA, gr. KA-61), Ilya Busov (FIOT, gr. IC-61) and Vitaly Pavlenko (FIOT, gr.  IP-62). Among the senior students, the first place was taken by Ekaterina Matviyiv (IPSA, gr. KA-31), the second result was shown by Catherina Lukina (FMF, gr. OM-31), and the third place was shared by Vyacheslav Komisarenko (IPSA, gr. KA-31) and Alexander Kolesnik (FMF, gr. OM-42).

The collective of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Relativity Theory for many years successfully managing the organization of mathematical competitions at our University and preparation of the talented students for mathematical competitions of various levels. The Department has a student club "Creative and Academic competition tasks from algebra and analysis". Classes are held separately for first-year ­students and for students from senior courses. Only over the recent years, the members of the club became winners and prize-winners more than 30 times in the most prestigious international and all-Ukrainian competitions in mathematics.

The awarding ceremony of winners and prize-winners of the competition was held on April,11. Diplomas and awards were presented by first Vice-Rector of the  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Y. I. Yakimenko. He congratulated the winners and wished them to achieve new highs and success in the future competitions and in their scientific work.

For the fifth year in a row, the winners get a Prof. V.  Buldygyn  Award. This year it was awarded to a student FIOT, Alexander Mishin, and student of IPSA, Catherine Matviyiv, who received honorary diplomas and memorable medals.

The results of the competition, tasks, and answers are posted on the website of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Relativity Theory

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