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XV All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Theoretical and practical problems of physics, mathematics and informatics” (video)

2017.05.25 XV Всеукраїнська науково-практична конференція «Теоретичні і прикладні проблеми фізики, математики та інформатики»

In May, 25 XV All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists “Theoretical and applied problems of physics, mathematics and informatics” started its work in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute.
The conference moderators are – Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute” and Physical and technical institute of the university.

Scientists, postgraduates and students take part in the conference. 98 papers are brought for consideration with thesis being included into the conference information package.

Three plenary papers: “Topological phases and topological phase transition (on Nobel Prize in physics for 2016 (S. H. Sharapov, Dr. Sci in Physics and Mathematics, head of laboratory of strongly-correlated low-measurement systems of Institute of theoretical physics n.a. M. M. Boholiubov of Ukrainian NAS), “Insights into research of the problem of detecting objects as tasks of constraint satisfaction” (V. Yu. Sdobnikov, chief architect of ADAS – program in automobile chain of business company Luxsoft), “ART-attack models and their realization” (O. M. Baranovsky, Ph.D. in Engineering Science, associate professor of the department of information security of Physical and technical institute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute) were presented to participants at the opening day.

Scientists will be working in terms of the following sections: “Relevant issues of modern physics”, “Physics of power systems”, “Physical and technical aspects of cyber security”, “Theoretical and applied problems of cryptographic information protection”, “Systems and technologies of cyber security”.

The conference will run for three days.

The photo of participants being welcomed by the head of Department of applied physics, Professor S. O. Voronov.


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