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My success - teachers' merit

Дар'я Романова

   Among the best students of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute awarded this semester for scholarships, is six-year student of TEF Daria Romanova – scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

   At the request of the editorial board of "KP" Daria Romanova told about her studies Igor Sikorsky KPI.

- Now you are a successful student, a promising young scientist, if you go back to the Daria's, who was in high school, how did you chose Kyiv Polytechnic Institute?

When I was in high school and the question arose of where to continue education and what profession to choose, the answer for me was obvious. I wanted to live in Kiev and study in one of the best UNIVERSITIES in the country KPI. What's the profession? Of course, the programmer. For me, it was so cool and modern, after all, we all, me and my friends, played computer games and hung out in social networks. One thought that will be able to apply to this hand, I was thrilled. It's interesting to be on the side of the screen: to develop the game, to master the art of programming, to understand the modern trends in the development of computers... Actually, that's why I chose the specialty "Computer science", the choice of the Department of design automation of energy processes and systems(DAEPS)was just a happy coincidence.

- What were the first steps in the University whom do you consider your mentors to be?

The first year was for me perhaps the most challenging: everything is new, unusual. I barely had time to perform the task on time. So when the second year Professor S. O. Lukyanenko, invited me to take part in scientific work "Mathematical modeling of a control system of space heating," I was not very happy. Thought it would interfere with the study. However, it was interesting to try. Now I am grateful that he chose me. And I realized: choosing a teacher of the student is not accidental. Our mentors have vast experience in both scientific and teaching activities. So, if you want to achieve something and are making efforts never go unnoticed. And it was then, working with Professor S. O. Lukyanenko, the first time I seriously thought about a very different application programming. How extensive are the prospects for graduates of our Department.So a big part of my formation was played by associate Professor Yu. V. Sidorenko, who I always supported, and guided. Working with her I learned a lot about modern methods of geometric modeling, which was the topic of my master thesis.

- In student's years the young people have a lot of prospects and opportunities. How to define reference points and to organize their time to get everywhere and make a lot?

Perhaps, at all times, the students had to earn, is no exception. Training and graduate job takes a lot of time, but I've learned to plan it as efficiently as possible. Then there is time to rest. Try not to miss good concerts, visit theaters and museums. So it turns out that in his youth not to feel sorry for ourselves. Because right now the Foundation is laid for future success. The more you invest in yourself in youth, the greater the dividends it will provide in the future.

- How did you get the news about the appointment of your nominee scholarship?

Reading the order appointing me to the scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, thought that the whole merit of my teachers who believed in me sometimes more than I believed in myself. Extremely grateful for this!


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