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Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk embroidered the patterns of her life

Ганна Миколаївна Кулик

This is exactly about Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk, associate professor of FMF. Her little Motherland is Ivano-Frankivsk region – the land of original folk artists and embroiderers. The first 5-year old Hannusya’s embroidery was the simple little rose on a piece of old bedsheet. And she remembed it for a lifetime, because instead of the expected praise from adults, the little girls received strict, despite her young age, analysis of mistakes. Eventually, she improved her skill, mastered various types of embroidery. She became a skilled craftsman, even carried out the Soviet "norm" in the local co-operative craft society – 6  towels or 4 shirts per working month.

She also embroidered the patterns of her life, having worked her way up from a student of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the State University of Chernivtsy to Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor of mathematical physics Department, whose lectures on higher mathematics, linear and vector algebra, differential and integral calculus and others are gladly attended by students. They respect their mentor for the professional and human qualities, the desire always to be helpful and warmly communicate not only on mathematical topics. The colleagues appreciate Anna Mykolayivna as sympathetic and considerate person. They tell her about their life-being, as she is the faculty union leader, which skillfully and in businesslike manner helps to solve domestic and other issues. She has been awarded for long-term union activities.

At the autumn exhibition "Talents of KPI" H.M.Kulyk’s works were recognized the best and the author was awarded the first place in the category "Embroidery". Among all the woks the visitors remembered the artistic canvas "The Waterfall" in cross-stitch pattern, where transparent water flows rapidly fall, glittering on the background of magnificent nature. The colors and shades are perfectly matched, so that there is a real feeling that wet drops are going to splash from the picture.

Have you known that cross stitching starts from the bottom left corner of the canvas? Or that an embroidered pattern of A3 size "needs" more than 80 thousand cross-stitches? That there is the only technology of embroidery, where the right side of the embroidery is formed on the reverse side? You can learn a lot of interesting and useful things, talking with Anna Mykolayivna. Let her hands convey beauty to us. Let the soul live and her wise eyes shine. Let her life road be long.

N. Yelizarova


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