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Meeting of Board of Solomianskyi District Enterprises Directors at NTUU “KPI”

2015.12.23 Засідання Ради директорів підприємств Солом’янського району Києва в НТУУ «КПІ»

On December 23rd the meeting of the Board of Directors of Industrial and Science and Research Enterprises of Solomianskyi District in Kyiv took place at NTUU “KPI”.

Dmitry Andrievsky, a deputy of Ukraine, head of Solomyanskiy District in Kyiv of State Administration, Maksym Shkuro, a deputy of Kyiv City Council of Solomenskiy District, Mykhailo Zhurovsky, a rector of NTUU "KPI", academician of NAS of Ukraine, Mykhailo Ilchenko, a vice-rector, academician of NAS of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Protsenko, a chairman of industrial and research companies of Solomyansky District in Kyiv, chairman of the "Meridian" plc, managers of district enterprises, executives and specialists of departments and academic units of the university and others participated in the meeting.
“Today our meeting takes place on the territory of NTUU “KPI” because the university is proclaimed as the know-how and innovations centers of our country. We would like to join its opportunities and facilities of our enterprises,” Maksym Shkuro formulated the main aim of the meeting.

The potential of the cooperation is tremendous: 17 science and research and 126 industrial enterprises interested in collaboration with the university function nowadays. The presentation “Opportunities of Innovative and Manufacture Platform “Kyiv Polytechnika Union” on expansion of collaboration with enterprises of Solomiansyi District in Kyiv demonstrated the way the opportunities can be used. The presentation was given by Mykhailo Zhurovskyi, rector of the university.

The critical idea was suggested during his speech, the idea that without the change of the economic model the future of Ukraine can be very sad. Only transfer in economy will enable to lead Ukraine from miserable state that it is currently in. Mykhailo Zhurovskyi spoke about KPI specialists’ conclusions that considered possible scenarios of development of our country in the research “Foresight of social and economic development of Ukraine in short-term (2015-2020) and long-term period (2020-2030)”. Drivers of Ukrainian economy can become only several branches. Among them are the following: military production complex; information and telecommunication technologies; creation of new materials and nanotechnologies; machine construction with high precision; human science and biomedical engineering; cell technologies; pharmacy etc. In general, there’re 9 sectors. The majority of them are the branches that district enterprises work in. However, in order to make them work with full efficiency it’s necessary to turn to innovations and start actively implement ideas and developments of scientists.

Innovative ecosystem that was created at NTUU “KPI” could serve as an example for such cooperation. Scientific park “Kyiv Polytechnika” is in its core. This is the model of inclusion of achievements in science and education with the help of highly-technological business involvement into economy.

And the effective mechanism aimed at launching new development on the market is the cooperation with highly technological industrial enterprises. The innovative and productive platform “Kyiv polytechnic” association”, including not only NTUU “KPI”, scientific park “Kyiv polytechnic” but also seven large industrial enterprises, two of which are located in Solomianskyi district clearly shows that. In its terms the projects in aerospace field, as well as in the fields of communication, cyber security and security technologies are being realized.

As the matter concerns university cooperation with other enterprises of the district and its potential lines, according to rector, the main are the following: energy transportation technologies, implementation of energy efficient, resources preservation technologies, alternative energy sources technologies, metal fabrication technologies, their processing and coupling, nano-materials and nano-technologies; agricultural complex technologies; technologies and equipment in the filed of medical care, treatment, pharmacy, Greenfield and environment protection; information and communication technologies, robototechniques and personnel matters in the process of personnel training, retraining and personnel development.

Deputy Chief of the directors’ board of industrial, scientific and research enterprises of the district, managing director of “Kyiv central construction bureau of armature engineering” plc., Yirii Rykunich spoke on practical experience and problems of national industrial enterprises products penetrating the foreign market. Among questions to solve for successful market entry is the issue of improvement in the quality of production to the level specified by technical regulations of particular countries and even large corporations. And this goal may be achieved only by cooperation with scientists. By the way, during his speech, Yurii Rykunich received answer to his question concerning work coordination of his enterprise with university chairs.

People’s deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Andrievskyi noted that on the one hand the situation in country is quite difficult, but on the other hand there some positive factors especially from the side of European partners of Ukraine. However, legislators have a lot of work in the line of improvement of economy of the state and regulatory support for national industry to enter European markets. Thus, he invited enterprises chiefs in case of suggesting his alternations to legislation and assured that he together with his team would work towards their adoption at all level – from local to state.

In the end of the meeting, the chief of district state administration in Kyiv city, Maksym Shkuro, the chief of board of directors of industrial and scientific and research enterprises of Solomianskyi district of Kyiv city, Viachyslav Protsenko and rector of NTUU “KPI”, academician of Ukrainian NAS, Mychailo Zgyrovskyi signed trilateral agreement on cooperation between university, district state administration and board of directors.


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