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Scientific and Technical Library named after H.I.Denysenko: past and present

Науково-технічна бібліотека імені Г.І.Денисенка: минуле і сьогодення

The history of the Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU "KPI" named after H.I.Denysenko began with the Kiev Polytechnic Institute formation in 1898.

By the end of the 70th century the library funds housed in different placements and campus buildings. A new period of library development is associated with the name of the Rector of the KPI in 1971-1987, H.I. Denysenko, at the whose initiative a modern library was built by a special project.

The library has 15 reading rooms with 1500 seats, the halls with check list of   information and bibliographic work; it has 8 book depositories, 6 subscriptions to educational, scientific, technical, socioeconomic and fiction literature, and periodicals. The functional departments location distinguished by clarity and expediency.

The four library halls are painted by muralist V.I. Pasyvenko, who is a laureate of T. H. Shevchenko State Prize of Ukraine. "Man and Nature" is the overall theme of the paintings, each of which has its own name: "Man and the fire," "Man and the water", "Man and the Earth", "Human and the space". The      keynote of these paintings is the idea of the harmony of human relationships with nature. In the library hall hold art exhibits of the artists of Ukraine, of the professors, staff and students.

There are almost 3 million copies of books in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French and other languages in the library. The library fund is constantly updated. It also contains master's and doctoral dissertations, reports on scientific research, which were defended by university scientists. There are a unique collection of rare and valuable books, lecturer's works with their autographs, and also the materials on the history of the university such as books, photo albums, reports on the activities of the university.

Domestic and international book exchange opportunities with libraries around the world, as well as MBA, are actively used.

The library maintains friendly relations with the cultural centers of foreign countries and their libraries: British Council, Information Service of the US Embassy in Ukraine, the Information Resource Center of the US Embassy in Ukraine, the French Cultural Center in Kyiv, Goethe Institute in Kiev, Ukrainian-Japanese center. Library repeatedly received grants from the International Fund "Renaissance", the Open Society Institute, International Program "Tempus-Tacis".

135 highly skilled professionals operates in the library, most of them are graduates of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts and the Kyiv Regional College of Culture, which cooperates with library in different ways.

Experts of NTL traditionally teach classes on a topic "Fundamentals of information literacy" for students of 1st course of university, and also seminars are held for graduate students the first year on introduction and use of information resources library and patent resources of free access. NTL is the basis for the practice of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kiev College of Culture and Arts, there students undergo practical training on the organization of the libraries of higher education institutions.

Employees of NTL conduct research and methodological work in the field of librarianship and bibliography. They make the reports at international and national scientific and practical conferences, they actively participate in the organization of scientific hearings in the State Polytechnic Museum of NTUU "KPI".

The library is an official partner of many Ukrainian Library Association, well-known in the domestic and global professional space. Experts of NTL take part in the work of expert councils to reform the library and information system in Ukraine, and they participate in work of initiative groups of the Assembly of culture.

But the main activity of NTL is the information service of 50,000 readers - scholars, students, graduates and employees of the KPI and other universities. For years the automated books loan are carried. Electronic catalog of NTL reflects the library fund from 1977 to the present. The work on the electronic catalog creation of books are continued.

To improve the information needs of academic-teaching staff and students, and for support university research, the main lines of work of the library are to increase the library collection of paper and electronic resources, attracting new database electronic materials, filling their own electronic archive, development of computerized servicing, and involvement in public activity.

For today, it is not enough, for library staff, to work professionally with information resources. it is necessary to improve ways of working with users. It is important to organize the service according to the requirements and expectations of real and potential readers, create a comfortable informational environment with useful and innovative services.

The library staff are transforming the library into the center of synthesis of printed and electronic information resources, and transformation of shapes and quality of services, the transition from isolated library model that focuses entirely on its funds, to the library model, which effectively uses resources of the external organizations and provides own funds and resources.

The University regularly subscribes for an access, on the basis of license arrangements, to full-text Ukrainian and foreign databases.

Apart from the subscription resources and open access resources, NTL serves the full-text electronic resource - electronic archive of scientific and educational materials of NTUU "KPI" (ElA KPI), which has about 9 thousand documents. The library provides different levels of access to ElA KPI, particularly from external network, university network, the network of libraries and individual workstations. The work is constantly in progression to provide the transformation of electronic archive to the open access platform.

NTL is involved in carrying out active work to promote university scientific publications in international scientific information space and their transition to open access platform. In order to improve information service, the resources of open access (Open Access) was offered, which links are located on the site.

NTL has achieved constant presence in the social networks Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram. It promotes popularization of information resources and services, and it promotes the increase ranking of university presence online.

The library provides readers with specialized reading rooms, subscriptions and working places in the library halls. The service in the online mode is becoming more popular and effective. Users can order the paper materials through an electronic catalog and get an access to full-text electronic resources. Access to the electronic catalog and electronic full-text documents are provided through the website library.

This summer, the company "EPAM Systems" gave new modern server hardware to NTL, thereby the library got an opportunity to expand the range of web-based services, to upgrade the automated library system ALEPH, to provide the further develop an electronic archive, as a platform of open access to scientific information University and to expand the presence of KPI scientists in international scientific space.

The possibility to work with their own devices in the network Wi-Fi in the equipped library halls becomes more popular among students and visitors.

In the near future the Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU "KPI" will direct its activities in the following areas: the development of open-access platform at the university; to expand the presence of KPI scientists in international scientific space; filling and development ElAKPI; introduction of new modules of Automated library system ALEPH; the use of new forms and ways to attract users; to expand the range of web-based services; increase their own information resources.



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