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IV Festival of innovation projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2015” began

2015.10.13 Стартував Фестиваль інноваційних проектів «Sikorsky Challenge 2015

In October 13 in NTUU “KPI” was opened Festival of innovation projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2015”.

The Festival connects people, who interested in scientific-technologies. In the Festival take part recognized in this profession experts and grey-haired professors and students, who only choose their path in life. Their age rage is very wide: In this year the youngest participant was only 11 years old, and the oldest is 77.

The opened ceremony was attended by members of parliament of Ukraine, representatives of the diplomatic missions in Ukraine, a heads of public authorities, a head of popular mass media, representatives of industry and business and well-known Ukrainian scientists.

The matter of Festival is to define the most interesting projects in various branches providind authors with the best in their assisting in their commercialization, creates startups and provides innovation products to nationals and internationals markets.

“We are holding this festival for learning how to include human capital in new economy. Wenn high-technology business will use talents and their ideas and rely on it, with support of capital and authorities we will create new economy, - said on the ceremony in festival opening the director of NTUU “KPI” academician of NAS Ukraine Mikhailo Zgurovsky. – and if high-technologies export is only 3,5 % nowadays, that’s why according to forecast of our experts in case of implementation of ours proposed new economy creates model, by 2020 the part of high-technologies export of Ukrainian can be raised to 20%”

Usually, those who attend festival in the first time, raises a question about hat in logo. He is there for the reason – its attribute which was always worn by great aircraft, native inhabitant of Kiev, graduate student of “KPI” Igor Sikorsky, in whose the festival was named. According to retelling, this hat was talisman for Sikorsky, which brought him happiness. In 2012 the hat became a talisman of Festival.

In this year in the festical will be took part the final of the competition of innovative project “Sikorsky Challenge 2015”, of competition Intel-tech of Ukraine 2015-2016” – National stage of international competition of scientific-technologies of creativity of pupils “Intel ISEF”, the competition of presentation of innovative developments CRDF Global (Fund of civil development and research, USA), the program of Kharkiv innovation platform(KIP) and Scientific-technological enterprise. The young researches from National Center “Minor academy of science”  take active part, in particular in the preparation of tender works, organizations and conductions various events.

In general, the participants of festival presented to the jury of the relevant competition several hundred projects. In their finals, which will be in festival, take part 274 projects: 65 in competition of “ Sikorsky Challenge 2015”, 183 in competition “Intel-tech Ukraine 2015-2016” and 26 in competition of presentations of innovative development CRDF Global”.

Unusually wide is theme of competitional works. For example, in competition “Intel-tech Ukraine 2015-2016” are examine projects in six categories: “ Math”, “ Physics and Astronomy”, “Engineering”, “Energy”, “Robotics and intelligent machines” and “ Computers science”. Their authors quickly respond on time-consuming, and now among the many developments projects of military and dual-use: “Quick veil for anti-terroristic operations”, “Development and manufacture  of portative metal detector”, “Fighting against night vision devices”, “Adaptive tank armor” etc. This and different other developments of pupils can see on the exhibition of projects, which take place in the hall of the Center of culture and arts NTUU “KPI”. She opened for visit during two days – October 13-15 (October 14 the young authors will present rojects to the jury, that’s why, according to international rules that competition take place “Intel-Tech Ukraine”, in this day exhibition will be exit for visitors.

Relevant and, at the same time, sometimes almost fantastic are projects of participants the competition of innovative projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2015”. It is, for example, projects “Stratosphere satellite”, “Universal system for osteosynthesis”, “Aprsake wave-power plant”, “The control system of smart house “iHouse” and dozens of others – to the final went projects one more interesting from another. Of course, between then there are some very actual developments of a defensive nature. Majority of this works are almost ready for implementation. It evidenced by experience of the past years: for example, project reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle “Spectator”, which became the winner of the competition “Sikorsky Challenge” in last year and has received investment in sum of 13 million griwnas. Nowaday he passed all necessary tests, he delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and it starts the serial productions.

Unusual for our country is the format of competition CRPF Global. He take place as competition of presentations of innovative developments for receive a grand on business trip to USA or 6 month intensive work with personal mentor within the program of Civilian research and development USA “Scientific-Technical enterprise 2015”. In general, the program “Scientific-technical enterprise” STEP is carried out by CRDF Global in cooperation with the Government of Ukraine”, since 2006. In competitions for receiving grants took part nearly 300 authors of innovative projects. The winners received nearly 0,6 million dollars USA from CRDF Global, private sectors and the Government of Ukraine.

It is impossible to ignore awards for winners of competition “Sikorsky Challenge 2015”. The teams of the projects, who will be recognized as the best, will receive afford to realize projects in the Scientific park “Kyivska Politechnika” with support of grants and venture capital funds.

Superfinals of competition the scientific-technical arts of pupils, which was supported by US Embassy in Ukraine, will be able to improve their developments with scientists in the laboratory of NTUU “KPI” and NAN institute of Ukraine, the best from them in May 2016 will being represented Ukraine on final of International competition “Intel ISEF” in USA.

Winners of the competition CRDF Global will receive business trip to USA for meeting with potential investors and grants for work below innovative projects in collaboration with American business experts.

Last year the winners of competition received nearly 23 million grn. of investment for implamentation their projects. This year, on the vision of great interest of developments from representative of investment and venture business, is expected, that support of winner projects will be much - at times! – in more.

Festival take part with the support of “Presidentional fund of Leonid Kuchma “Ukraine”, International investment company Noosphere, venture funds V.S.Mikhailevicha, Kalinin International Fund, Sikorsky Challenge Ventures Fund. His partners was Council of USA in Ukraine, Intel corporation, Civilian fund of development and explore CRDF Global, investment company ILand Management, company of asset management “National reserve”, Center of resourseaffective and cleaner industry, international company BDM, System Analysis and Dicisions etc.

The winners of competitions will be announced October 16 in 11 Oclock in the Center of culture and arts NTUU “KPI” during solemn close of festival.


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