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Future engineers defended their marketing projects

2015.06.06-09 захист проектів слухачі курсу "МіМ (маркетинг та менеджмент) фахівець"

6 and 9 June 2015 students of "MaM (marketing and management) specialist", organized by ABB together with the Centre "CSR" at the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation NTUU "KPI", successfully defended their projects. Such training was organized exactly for FEA not by chance: in 2013 here was founded scientific-engineering center of ABB, one of the activities of which is engaging modern technologies in educational activities.

Classes, that were performed by practical experts of marketing and management during March-May 2015, attended 25 KPI students that had passed special selection. Study was conducted with the support the Dean of FEA Professor O.S.Yandulsky. To teaching the course, except employees of the company ABB, joined Shell specialists in Ukraine, Corporation "Arterium", Platinum Bank, KPMG, Eleks, Vertalab, JSC "Lvivoblenergo", marketing and design studio Must, coaches Yuriy Kamelchuk, Irina Primak, Natalya Urda, Yuri Staryk.

The main aim of the course was to teach future engineers administration and management skills, understanding of business processes that occur in companies.

"Man of engineering education can make a career from a foreman to company director. But for a successful career, in addition to professional knowledge it is necessary to have knowledge in management and marketing. This allows you to have a wide field of view of the processes handled by a particular specialist, and stimulating the emergence of innovative products that market needs ", - said the initiator of creating the course, the director of ABB in Ukraine Dmitry Zhdanov.
During study students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills while working in teams on innovative cases.
The results of their work teams presented at the final defense. The end result was the tasks of ideas processing on increasing electricity exports of Ukraine to EU countries by the introduction HVDC technology; promotion of electric vehicles due to rapid charging devices; increasing the share of electricity from renewable sources by the introduction SCADA technology.

"This course was another educational project of the" CSR ", directed at the development of partnerships between businesses and universities. The role of the Centre was to develop a methodology course and selection of speakers and training organization. We are very satisfied with the project since before the beginning of the course, students assessed their knowledge of management and marketing an average of 3 points on a 10-point scale, and after its completion - in 8 points, "- noted training coordinator of the "CSR" Olga Yankovska after completing the course.

V.V.Chumak, Deputy Dean for Research of FEA


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