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Seminar "Modern communication systems dual-use"

2015.02.17 Семінар-нарада «Сучасні системи зв’язку подвійного призначення»

February 17, a scientific-practical seminar "Modern communication systems dual-use" was held at the NTUU “KPI”.

It was attended by experts of the Main Department of Communication and Information Systems of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, the State Border Service and other law enforcement agencies. The representatives of the JSC "Meridian", the Institute of Cybernetics of In .M.Glushkov NAS and Venture Fund of K.O.Kalinin also participated in the event.

Scientists and engineers NTUU "KPI" informed the guests about their scientific and technical developments in the field of communication that can be used for civilian purposes and in the interests of the defense ministries of our state.

"Today we have gathered in order to acquaint the specialists of the Ministry of Defense and other power structures of our country with the latest scientific developments of KPI in the field of telecommunications. That is, we have, firstly, to provide information what we already have in this direction, and, secondly, try to arrange the necessary emphasis on what should be a priority in the implementation of these developments, "- said, opening the seminar, Vice-Rector for Research, NTUU “KPI”, NAS academician Mikhail Ilchenko. He also spoke about the experience and capabilities of the University in terms of solving the problems of design technology for defense purposes.

The seminar participants received detailed information about the performance of university researchers. There were among them mainly employees of the Research Institute of telecommunications working under the scientific supervision of the Department of Informatics NAS. This Institute is the part of the educational and scientific complex "Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU" KPI ". The information related the improvement and modernization of radio-relay systems for military purposes; construction of a satellite communication system based on CDMA technology; construction of communication networks based on technology Wi-Fi. The researchers told also about the creation of a portable radio relay station-horizon communications; building a local radio network based on portable terminals and public radio networks, self-organizing based on ultra-wideband pulse signals; remote video surveillance systems for the UAV and the like.

At the end of the seminar, its participants adopted a resolution, which envisaged that the organizations, whose representatives attended the seminar, would develop and submit their results to the university to develop advanced communication systems of dual purpose for the benefit of these organizations. It was said also that the program of the IX International scientific conference "Problems of telecommunications PT-15", to be held April 21-24 this year, should include as a separate section the subject of the seminar and the like. There was also discussing of the issue of financial support of the implementation of measures for the creation of modern communication systems of dual purpose. It included the following: the framework of the state budget themes; performance of government contracts; entering into agreements with customers: utilization of venture capital funds in terms of their support for the winners of the competition of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge» and foundation of the volunteer fund "Science to the Defense."


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