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Issue № 7 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

Marina V. Filippova is a teacher-researcher at the Faculty of Instrument Design and Engineering

Філіппова Марина В'ячеславівна

A university contest "Young teacher-researcher" which was launched a decade ago every year names new young scientists who gain their name in the national and international scientific community. One of these is Associate Professor of  CIDE V. Marina Filippova.

Representation of the library in network

Аріна Черінько

Without exaggeration, nowadays the youth "live" in social networks. Here people learn, communicate, work and find answers to many questions, eventually they make new friends and only do not marry.

The future is associated with KPI

Маркіна Ольга Миколаївна

Olga Mykolaivna Markina has been already working at the Department of Analytical and Environmental devices and systems for ten years. Last year she won the competition "young teacher-researcher 2015". She is the pupil of the Kiev Polytechnic.

Rector fellow of FSL

Тетяна Чекараміт

The name of Tatiana Chekaramit - student of 6th course is among the registered fellows of Faculty of Sociology and Law. She studies diligently and is interested in scientific intelligence.

The work is pleasant and necessary

Тукіна Тетяна Андріївна

Social worker, educator is not a profession, it is a vocation  which is possible not for everyone. They are invisible in everyday life, but their work requires enormous dedication, humanity and the boundless kindness.

Elena Borychenko - specialist in energy management

Бориченко Олена Володимирівна

The whole world admires the smile of Mona Lisa. Perhaps because they have not seen smile women at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. With no doubt, our mans are lucky  to have a close clever, talented and surprisingly good colleagues.

We worry about the health of students

Колектив поліклінічного відділення КПІ

There is a spring. And with it the holiday of beauty, tenderness, sincerity, holiday of mothers, women as worker, women as continuer of the human race on Earth.

About Mother …

Таланти КПІ 2015. Мальви, Залевська О.В. ФМФ, кафедра нарисної геометрії та комп'ютерної графіки

Professor of mathematical analysis and probability theory FMF, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nina Opanasivna Virchenko has been working at KPI for more than 40 years. She is a member of the Presidium of the AS Higher School of Ukraine, member of the Scientific Society n.a.

Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk embroidered the patterns of her life

Ганна Миколаївна Кулик

This is exactly about Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk, associate professor of FMF. Her little Motherland is Ivano-Frankivsk region – the land of original folk artists and embroiderers. The first 5-year old Hannusya’s embroidery was the simple little rose on a piece of old bedsheet.

Larysa Sergiyivna Globa: Scientist, teacher ... and a charming woman

Лариса Сергіївна Глоба

At present Larysa Sergiyivna Globa is the head of information and communication networks Department of the telecommunication systems Institute, Doctor of Technical Science, the professor, well known not only in the "KPI" but also in the broad scientific communities in Ukraine and in many fore

Julia S. Miroshnichenko. A student who receives a scholarship, volunteer, teacher-researcher

Мірошниченко Юлія Сергіївна

The best part of our university team are talented, intelligent and strikingly beautiful woman. And unfortunately we talk about them only on occasion.


Таланти КПІ 2007. Миронюк Євгенія. ВПІ, ЗГ-71 | Мадонна з немовлям

Would the writers write so many novels without a true love? Would be done so much discoveries by scientists without beloved women near them? The answer is simple - no!

Trus Inna Mykolaivna preserves environment

Трус Інна Миколаївна

Using the benefits of civilization as ususal, we rarely think of saving the Earth resources. For this reason, the research in the field of environmental protection, performed at the Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant polymers (E and TPP) of the IHF is of great importance and demand.

Watercolours from the exhibition

Тетяна Віталіївна Гнітецька

In the Art Competition "The Talents of KPI" the assistant professor of descriptive geometry and computer graphics T.V.Hnitetska’s paintings were considered the best. Tetiana has been showing her works in KPI for several years.

The graphics that comes alive

Юля та Аня Майовецькі

Autumn exhibition "The Talents of KPI" pleased everyone with the variety of themes and genres. In particular, the attention of visitors was drawn by the pictures, made by the 6th year students of CEF Yuliia Makovetska and Anna Makovetska.

Kyiv applauded them

Колектив КПІ. Народний ан­сам­бль народного тан­цю КПІ "Полі­тех­нік"

In this way, many fans and colleagues talk about the recent performance of the National Ensemble of Folk Dance of KPI “Polytechnic” on a city review-competition of folk art, where our dancers took first place.


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