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Issue № 4 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

KPI always characterized by fundamental training

Кампус КПІ. засніжений 1 корпус університету

Implementation of the new Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" raises many questions among students and teachers

The history of descriptive geometry at the exhibition in the Scientific and Technical Library (STL)

Виставка, присвячена нарисній геометрії

The exhibition devoted to descriptive geometry takes place in the hall of rare and valuable works in NTUU “KPI” STL. There are textbooks, lecture courses, problem books, albums with drawings published in the second half of XIX century – the first half of XX century.

The maintenance and development of material and technical base NTUU "KPI". From the rector report off administrative work P.V.Kovalova about work in 2015 and the main tasks for 2016

П.В. Ковальов

The main task of the department of administrative and economic work it is maintenance of material and technical base NTUU "KPI" an independent state and its further development.

The platform for innovative services

Презентація проекту Кампус 2.0

Finalists and winners of the festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2015" among the other began the project "Campus 2.0" - platform for realization innovative services based on the integration of new hardware, software services, digital multimedia content with elements of augmented reality.

Professor Henryk Sobchuk - 60!

Генрик Собчук

Recently, the head of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kiev Professor Henryk Sobchuk has reached the age of sixty.

Nobel laureate Daniel Shechtman delivered a lecture in NTUU “KPI”

2016.01.27 Нобелівський лауреат Деніель Шехтман прочитав в НТУУ «КПІ» лекцію

Nobel laureate of year 2011, professor Daniel Shechtman delivered a public lecture in NTUU “KPI” in January, 27.


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