Professor Henryk Sobchuk - 60!

Recently, the head of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kiev Professor Henryk Sobchuk has reached the age of sixty.

With the Delegation of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kiev and personally its leader Henryk Sobchuk NTUU "KPI" is associated not only business relations but also absolute friendship. All projects common with the Polish side implemented in recent years in the university with his assistance and direct participation. Moreover, his constant attention to our initiatives and activities of the Ukrainian-Polish Center NTUU "KPI", his initiatives and proposals always do events interesting and noticeable in Ukrainian-Polish cooperation.

We hope that our cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kiev under accordance with Professor Sobchuk will be fruitful and interesting, so together we can make a great contribution to the development of science and deepen mutual trust and understanding between the peoples of Poland and Ukraine.

We are very pleased with our friendship and, using this opportunity, would like to wish annuversary a health, inspiration, good welfare and long-long years of happy life.

Ukrainian-Polish Center NTUU "KPI"