Discussion about fantastic future

Futuristic predictions every time promise us incredible inventions that are given to you, though possible, but so far distant future. But participants in the open discussion "How to prepare for a fantastic future" say: the future has come.

Enterprises of Kyiv region are learning to save resource

The conference " Resource efficiency of the enterprises in Kyiv region" took place in the exhibition hall of the Science Park "Kyiv politechnika" on December 8, 2015. During this conference the project results of resource efficient and cleaner production in the Kiev region were presented.

Vitkup Nadezhda. Constructed products of the future

In the autumn of 2015 celebrated 100 years since the birth of Nadezhdy Konstantinovny Vitkup, former assistant professor of descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics, many years trade union leader of KPI.

Trade unions Cup back to KPI

Christmas tournament " Trade unions cup of KPI", hosted on January 3, 2016, traditionally opened the futsal season in Kyiv. After celebrating the New Year in the warm atmosphere of the football tournament at the goal area met old friends.

The Flu - this is serious!

Is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. Usually, the virus is spread through the air from coughs or sneezes, through talks, and while shaking hands, kissing, through objects used by the patient ( handkerchief, towel, dishes, etc.).

Extraordinary tree in STL

Lately, on New Year’s you can see unusual homemade Christmas tree. In particular, in the library is the original tree from books.