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Issue № 27 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

It makes Ukrainian cinema

День українського кіно у  студійному комплексі

The second Sunday of September celebrates Day of Ukrainian cinema. On this occasion in the studio complex on Troyeschina held open house. We visited there Polytechnic. Production - Production company produces full-length movies, TV serials and shows for television.

The results of admission to the university in 2016

Таблиця. Загальна характеристика прийому в 2016 р.

This year’s admission of students significantly differed from the reception of the past years.

The meeting of the trade union of employees 08.09.2016

2016.09.08 Засідання профкому співробітників КПІ

The first in the new school year meeting of the trade union committee of employees NTUU "KPI" Igor Sikorsky was held September 8, 2016 in the hall of the Academic Council.

Dictionary «Applied Physics» in 4 volumes

Тлумачний словник "Прикладна фізика"

The Department of Applied Physics NTUU «Igor Sikorsky KPI» prepared and published Ukrainian-Russian-English Dictionary "Applied Physics" in 4 volumes totaling 2,903 pages. Compiled by prof. Dep. Applied Physics O.T.Bohorosh (project manager), prof. S.O.Voronov, prof.

Ukrainian students unite nations

Володимир Когутяк

Our University has long-standing friendly relations with Western scientific, cultural and public institutions, including those that work in France.

Volunteers assist

навчально-виховний комплекс "Веселка" с. Євсуг Луганської області

Ongoing anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, and volunteers from among Kyiv polytechnics continue to help our soldiers and doctors and students from the frontline areas.

Ivitskyy Igor: The youth have someone to look up to

Івіцький Ігор Ігорович

This story about a young scientist Igor Ivitskyy from IHF. Hard-working and inquisitive young man attracted attention when he was student.

The oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people

2016.09.03 Присяга на вірність українському народові

September 3, 2016, at ten o`clock in the morning on the Knowledge square of Igor Sikorsky KPI cadets 5-year State institution «Institute of special communication and information protection of National technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» were waiting for t

Festival "Fall of drive" 2016

2016.09.10 Фестиваль «Драйвова осінь»

Travelling summer in tourist club KPI  "Globe" ended with the traditional festival  "fall of drive", which was held in Universitys park 10 August.

Huawei Company and Igor Sikorsky KPI develop cooperation in the field of education, science and innovations

2016.09.14 Компанія Huawei та КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського розвиватимуть співробітництво в освіті, науці та інноваціях

NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” and Scientific Park “Kyiv polytechnics” signed memorandum on the cooperation with one of the world leaders in the field of information and communication technologies – Huawei Company in September, 14. The document determines basic principles of the cooperation in three directions – education, science and innovations.

International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Radiotronics

2016.09.12-15 Міжнародна конференція з інформаційно-телекомунікаційних технологій та радіоелектроніки (УкрМіКо’2016/UkrMiCo’2016)

On 12 September 2016 in NTUU ‘Igor Sikorsky KPI’ 2016 IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Radiotronics (UkrMiCo’2016) began.

3D-tour of Igor Sikorsky KPI

3D-тур по КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського

Those who are considering which place to choose for getting higher education, is getting nostalgic for old students years spent in KPI or looking for places of interests in Kyiv have got a chance to have a 3D-tour of the main building, Polytechnic museum and Scientific and technical library of the university. Besides, all interested people can have a virtual tour of sunlit Walk of Fame and the Square of Knowledge.


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