The historical experience of Finland to Ukraine

December 6, 2015 Republic of Finland celebrated the 98th anniversary of independence. On this occasion, department of history the faculty of Sociology and Law in cooperation with the company "Ukraine-Finland" organized on December 11 and had a history student seminar.

Coordinator of the Legal Clinic KPI

The Faculty of Sociology and Law can rightly be proud of its graduates and the best students who are studying now. In particular, the Faculty of Sociology and Law can rightly be proud of its nominal scholarships.

Workshop on research of anomalous phenomena

October 28, 2015 at the Faculty of aviation and space systems in NTUU "KPI" a scientific-practical conference "Anomalies : methodology and practice research» was conducted. 10 years of experience UNDTSA" probe".

The Department of designing of computer hardware is 30 years!

In the 80 years of the twentieth century. progress in electronics need new professionals able to design and create electronic equipment on modern element base. In 1985 at the Faculty of Electroacoustics in KPI the department of design and production of computer equipment was established.

The win of basketball players

23 December in sports complex NTUU "KPI" the finals basketball games among men's teams of XVI Finals Tournament have passed for The Cup of Student union association of Kiev.

Presents for children

St. Nicholas Day is the most favorite holiday for children and adults: for children - because long-expected presents wait for them under the pillow in the morning; for adults - because it is the greatest happiness to make gifts for children in exchange for their happy and smiling face.

Choral Choir KPI CAROLS

8-11 January Choral Choir KPI participated in XVII National Ukrainian Christmas festival "Velyka Kolyada", which was in Lviv. The team played with great success carols and songs.

Student troops memory

Each of us who at least once visited the cemetery, could see the complete abandonment of some tombs. Usually people accuse buried relatives who do not look after these grave.